Create/Sign in to your Platform account

From the Create an Account page, enter the following information

  • A valid email. A confirmation email will be sent to activate your account.
  • A unique username for the ActiveState Platform.
  • A password with at least 8 characters and cannot include repeating characters or the username.

By clicking the Create Account button, you accept the Platform Terms of Use and Service Agreement.

To create an account using your GitHub account

  1. Go to the Create an Account page.
  2. Click Sign in with GitHub. You will be redirected to the GitHub site to authorize your account.
  3. Enter your GitHub username and password.
  4. Click Authorize ActiveState to allow ActiveState to authenticate your account. After authentication, you will be redirected to the ActiveState Platform as a signed-in user.


After creating an account. enter the following command to authorize your State Tool CLI with your newly created ActiveState account

state auth

Your browser will open prompting you to Authorize your State Tool. If the browser does not, paste the link in the state auth output into your browser and click Authorize.

Successful authentication will return the following output in your command line

You have successfully authenticated, hello <username>!
You are logged in as <username>

Your State Tool will remain authorized on your local installation until you log out using the following command

state auth logout