Adding Secrets to your project

Secrets are for sensitive information that needs to be shared between environments and people working on a project. For example, you can securely store API keys and database passwords using secrets. Secrets are client-side encrypted values, meaning that they are not stored on our servers and ActiveState cannot access your secret values.

To add a secret to your project:

  1. In Your Dashboard, select the organization that contains the project you want to add a secret to and then click the Projects tab, or click the Projects tab in your dashboard to add a secret to a personal project.
  2. Click the project to open.
  3. Click the Scripts tab.
  4. Click Secrets in the Scripts menu.
  5. Click Add a Secret.
  6. Enter a name for the secret, and optionally enter a description.
  7. Select the scope of the secret:
    • Project: The secret is visible to all users who have permissions to activate the project. The value of the secret is shared between members of the organization.
    • User: Each user sets their own value and only that user can see it.
  8. Click Add Secret.

When you activate a project that contains a secret with no value defined, you will be prompted for the value. Alternatively, click on the arrow next to the secret name on the Secrets page to expand the instructions for setting the secret value manually using the State Tool.