Resolving dependency errors

Issues may result when our software attempts to resolve dependencies after receiving a list of required packages for your project. If there is an error resolving your dependencies, the following message will appear on the Configuration tab of your project page.

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Below are some common remediation steps you can take to successfully resolve dependency errors in your project, followed by some specific errors and ways to address them.


Regardless of the error, there are several options to solve any dependency issues. Some of the common errors can be remediated by:

  • Changing the requirement name/version
  • Changing the operating system of your project
  • Removing and re-adding a package
  • Removing required package(s)
  • Requesting a package import and waiting to update
    • Known use cases are a large factor in our package import process, providing detailed feedback along with a package request helps with prioritization. To request a package import contact us.
  • Wait and update without requesting a package import
    • The catalog is regularly revised and patched for emergent issues. Many issues are resolved in the background by our team, so the “wait and try again” approach is often successful. For recent language and package additions check here.

Error: Dependency does not resolve because root depends on <package> which doesn’t match any versions

In this instance, a required feature/package cannot be found in the Platform catalog so it cannot be solved. Check the following for a solution:

  • Spelling error in package name
  • Error in version number or syntax of number
  • The package is not available in our catalog yet (this is common with private or proprietary packages where a trusted source is not available)
  • The package version is not available in our catalog yet

The above errors can be resolved by reviewing the package list and our import syntax. The “Add Packages” dialog on the Configuration page can be used to check which packages and versions are currently available.

If the package is still not visible you can request a specific package by clicking here. Your request will be compiled and reported to our team for prioritization. Letting us know your use case can help us understand what updates will make the most impact.

Error: Dependency does not resolve because no versions of < package with requirements > and root depends on < required package >

This error occurs when a solution for the specified feature/package cannot be created. Check the following for a solution:

  • An additional package that the requested package required for the build does not exist in our catalog yet.
    • Common requests of this type are compiled and reported to our team for prioritization. Letting us know your use case can help us understand what updates will make the most impact. To request a package contact us.
  • The software cannot create a solution given the user-selected package versions.
    • This can usually be resolved by selecting “Auto” from the version list instead of a specific version.
  • Packages have conflicting requirements on a package version.
    • Reconfigure the package requirements to remove the interdependency.
    • These errors may also be resolved through revisions to the packages which relax the dependencies. These revisions are applied as scheduled updates to our package catalog occur.
  • “Platform does not support the selected package requirements” and “Package is not available on the selected platform”.
    • The above are remediated by changing the Platform or package requirements to supported configurations.

Other Errors

  • Timeout- If a large set of requirements has too many package versions to resolve and the servers have a greater than usual load the solution processes may time out.
    • This can be resolved with a refresh.
  • The solution is depreciated - if an old build is revised, some of the existing solutions may no longer be valid given updates to the available packages and dependencies.
    • This error is rare as the software should resolve this issue automatically by refreshing the build.