Forking projects

Forking a project allows you to copy and edit a project, and share that project and the builds it contains between organizations. For example, you can create a project in your personal organization and test to ensure that it is exactly what you need, and then fork it to an organization you belong to and share it with all the members of that organization.

To fork a project:

  1. Open your web browser and navigate to and sign in.
  2. Select the organization that contains the project you want to fork and then click the Projects tab, or click the Projects tab to fork a personal project.
  3. Select the project to fork from your Custom Projects list or the Managed Projects list, if available. Custom projects are projects specific to your organization that you can modify as needed. Managed projects are created and maintained by ActiveState.
  4. Click Fork It next to the project title.

    Forking a project always creates the fork from the most recent commit for the project.

  5. Enter a name for the forked project. You can leave it the same as the original project or provide a custom name to indicate that it is forked.
  6. Select the organization to fork the project to. You can select any organization you belong to or your personal organization.
  7. Click Fork Project.

The project is forked and you are redirected to the new forked project page. You can tell that you are in the forked project because a “This project is a fork of project name message is displayed under the project description.