Moving your project

Your personal projects can be used as a scratchpad to test and experiment before you decide to share it with others. Currently, there is no direct method of converting or moving a personal project to another organization. Once you are content with your work you can fork the project into another organization. This will not remove the project from the original organization, it will only duplicate the project for another organization to use. Information about forking a project can be found here.

Forking your project into another organization

Before you try to share your project make sure you are a member of the receiving organization and that your permission has been set to “Editor” or “Admin” (more details about setting permissions for your organization can be found here).

  1. Go to the project page in your personal organization and find the project you want to share.
  2. After clicking the Fork it button on your project page, select which organization you want to fork the project into from the list shown.
  3. Click the Fork Project button.

Your project fork should now appear in the Projects tab of the receiving organization.

As your personal organization cannot be upgraded, you will not be able to offer more than one operating system for your runtime until the project is forked into a paid-tier organization. Once the project has been successfully forked, changes like adding operating systems and installing previous versions from the project’s history can be made.