Setting permissions

Being part of an organization at ActiveState means you can contribute to projects that are not available to the general public. These private projects are only accessible to members of the organization responsible for their creation, and customizable if you have the correct user role set up for your account.

Roles of account holders

  1. Admin- Able to invite and remove members, as well as create and modify runtimes.
  2. Editor- Not able to invite other users to join the Organization, but they are able to create and modify runtimes.
  3. Read-only- Able to use the runtimes created by your organization. You cannot invite or delete users, or create or modify runtimes.

Admin account holders are able to alter the roles of those in the organization at any time.

Assigning roles to users in your organization

Only Admins of the organization are able to assign or change the role of a user in the organization.

For new users to your organization:

  1. Go to your Organization tab and click Members.
  2. In the “Invite a New Member” box add the email address of the user you want to invite.
  3. Set the new user’s permission to “Admin”, “Editor”, or “Read-only”.
  4. Click Send Invite.

This will send an invitation to the user’s email account with instructions for how to join your organization.

To change the role of existing users in your organization:

  1. Go to your Organization tab and select the organization you wish to edit.
  2. Click the Members tab.
  3. On the line with the user’s details, set the new user’s permission to “Admin”, “Editor”, or “Read-only” from the dropdown shown.