Creating Organizations

You can create organizations to group your projects and share access to those projects with other users.

Every project belongs to an organization, and each organization is separate. An organization has one or more members. You can create, or be invited to, more than one organization. For example, you could create an organization for your personal work or side project, and also be invited to join your company’s organization.

To create an organization: Log in to your Platform account

  1. Click the Organizations tab in the top menu.
  2. Click the + New Organization button .
  3. In Organization Name, enter the name to display in the ActiveState Platform.
  4. Accept the suggested URL based on your Organization Name, or specify a shorter, easier-to-remember URL.
  5. Click Create Organization.

When you create an organization, you are automatically assigned ownership of the Organization, which allows you to invite and manage users for the Organization.

  1. The next step after creating a new Organization is to invite users. For more information, see sending invites.