Accepting an invitation to join an Organization

After you have been invited to join an ActiveState organization you will receive an email from “”

with the subject “<user> has invited you to join ActiveState”. If you prefer to use another email account to accept the invitation, you can forward the email to your new account and begin the process below from the new account.

To accept your invitation:

  1. Check your inbox for an email from “” with the subject “<user> has invited you to join ActiveState”.
  2. Open the email.
  3. Click the single-use URL contained in the e-mail body. Typically it will be something like “…”.
    • If you do not have an ActiveState account, create one. Invitations are not tied to any specific email, meaning you can create an account using any email (or no email if you choose to use the GitHub OAuth integration).
  4. Click the Accept Invitation button.

After accepting an invitation you are sent to the Projects tab of your organization. To see the projects of the new organization, select it from the dropdown on the top left of your Projects tab.

Verifying your email address

If you are new to ActiveState and had to create an account to accept the invitation you will be sent an email with a prompt to verify your email address. The email will be from “” and will contain instructions and a verification link.

Rejecting invites

Invites cannot be explicitly rejected after being received, but you can choose to ignore or delete the email without affecting the organization. If an invite is canceled by your Administrator, you will still be able to see the invitation email and click the link, but not be able to accept the invitation.