Manage your organizations

What is an ActiveState organization?

Organizations are the way you group ActiveState Platform projects for a company, department, or team. Members of the organization will have access to each project in the organization, with the ability to invite others to join, remove users, and create or modify runtimes (depending on the role of the user).

You can create paid organizations that support both private and public projects, or free organizations that only support public projects. For information on paid options and what’s included on each tier, see Pricing for ActiveState Platform.

For more information on how to manage your organization, see the links below.

  • Creating Organizations
  • You can create organizations to group your projects and share access to those projects with other users.

  • Inviting Users to Join an Organization
  • ActiveState organization administrators can email invitations (or “invites”) to join their organizations.

  • Accepting an Invitation to Join an Organization
  • After you have been invited to join an ActiveState organization you will receive an email from “”

  • Removing Users
  • If you are an Owner of an organization, you can remove users that belong to that organization.

  • Leaving Organizations
  • You can leave any organization you are a member of.

  • Deleting Organizations
  • You can delete an organization if you are an Owner of the organization.

  • Setting Permissions
  • Being part of an organization at ActiveState means you can contribute to projects that are not available to the general public. These private projects are only accessible to members of the organization responsible for their creation, and customizable if you have the correct user role set up for your account.

  • Updating Billing Details
  • If your billing details change, you can update them in the Dashboard.