Eclipse integration is only available for Perl projects, and Epic with Eclipse will need to be installed before you can integrate your ActiveState runtime.

To integrate your ActiveState Perl runtime in Eclipse:

  1. Open a command terminal and, working from the directory containing your project’s activestate.yaml file (or a subdirectory of that directory), enter state export env and wait for the executable file location to be returned.


  1. Open Eclipse and go to Window > Preferences


  1. From the index on the left go to Perl (if you have not successfully installed “Epic with Eclipse” you will not see Perl listed in this index)
  2. In the “Perl executable” field find the executable file in the path given by your state export env command in step 1 (check the bin folder for the Perl executable if it is not in the project directory).


  1. Click Open
  2. Leave the default boxes checked and click Apply and Close

You can now use your ActiveState Perl runtime in your Eclipse IDE.

Making changes to your runtime

After adding, removing, or adjusting your project’s packages using the ActiveState Platform or the State Tool you may need to restart your IDE in order for the changes to take effect.