Universal Packager

At this time the Universal Packager is only available to Enterprise users and to Team users as an optional add-on.

The Universal Packager includes all currently available ways to get your project runtime onto your local machine(s) without using the State Tool CLI. This benefits

  • Organizations with limited connectivity environments.
  • Users that need an “air-gapped” installation due to security or compliance stipulations.
  • Organizations that use Docker containers, or have other alternative packaging needs.

The Universal Packager lets you access your runtimes by providing them as

We continue to work on new ways to help you use your runtimes and support additional languages and operating systems/platforms. To request additional support for your Universal Packager, use the contact information included in your SLA or contact us. We always welcome feedback, please post any enhancement ideas for additional packaged deployment types on our community forum.

We currently offer custom Docker image integrations for existing services including