Environment Variables Reference

Currently, all environment variables are experimental. If you are experiencing a use case which might justify defining any variables as non-experimental, please reach out to us through the user forums (https://community.activestate.com).

User Configurable

User configurable environment variables permit users to control various behaviors of the State Tool.

  • Override the configuration directory location
  • Override the cache directory location
  • Predefine the activestate.yaml (absolute path) used for activated states
  • Predefine the private key (not file path) used to decrypt secrets
  • You can obtain the value by running state export private-key once authenticated
  • Predefine the API key token to use for authentication
  • Use with ACTIVESTATE_PRIVATE_KEY to bypass authentication by plain text password
  • Set to true to disable State Tool automatically updating itself
  • Set to true to disable State Tool from sending analytics data

Variables set after use

The following variables are set in the runtime after state checkout.

ACTIVESTATE_PROJECTThe absolute path to the activestate.yaml of the activated project
ACTIVESTATE_ACTIVATEDThe absolute path of the directory containing the activestate.yaml of the activated project
ACTIVESTATE_ACTIVATED_IDThe unique “activation id” which can be used for debugging