Getting started with ActivePython

ActivePython includes a comprehensive set of resources we think you will find helpful as you get started with ActivePython and Python programming. You can complete the following steps to get started with ActivePython:

  1. Read What’s included in ActivePython? for an overview of ActivePython and the contents of the ActivePython distribution.
  2. Read the guide for getting started on your platform:

  3. If you are upgrading from a previous version, see What’s New in Python 2.7? for an overview. For more detailed information about the changes, see the Python NEWS file.

  4. If you are new to Python programming, you can start by working through the learning materials we have included in our distribution:

  5. As you work with ActivePython, the main Python documentation, especially the Library Reference, will likely be the main reference you use on an ongoing basis.

  6. The Python Cookbook on ActiveState Code is collaborative code repository for Python programmers. Find code snippets for your own projects and contribute your own code snippets to the Python community - all for free.