Contact ActiveState

For installation-related support issues, contact

For general information and support, refer to the ActivePerl Support forum and the ActivePerl Mailing List.

To report a bug, or to view bugs fixed in this release, see the ActivePerl bug site, at

See the ActiveState website for general contact information.

Technical support

For installation-related support issues, check the ActivePerl Support forum and the ActivePerl Mailing List archives. If you do not find the answer to your problem, contact for installation assistance.

Please submit bug reports and enhancement requests via the ActivePerl Bug Database. All bug reports should be accompanied by one or more concrete examples that will help us reproduce the problem. Include all relevant information that you think will help us recreate the particular environment in which the bug was observed. Remember, if we cannot reproduce the problem, we cannot fix it.

Commercial Support

ActivePerl Enterprise is a corporate support solution for Perl. ActivePerl Enterprise provides the comprehensive support that an enterprise needs to deploy Perl in mission-critical applications.