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TEA Package Management


The TEA package management applications provide you with the ability to create, manage, export, and use TEApot package repositories.

TclApp has been extended to directly access TEApot repositories as a source of packages for wrapping. It makes use of extended meta data in TEA packages to pull down not only the packages directly needed by the wrapped application, but their dependencies as well.


General information

  • Introduction: A quick introduction to the most important pieces of the TEApot system and their relationships.
  • Glossary: The glossary of all terms relevant to TEApot.
  • Meta data specification: The specification of the meta data format, its embedding into various forms of package archives, and the keywords ActiveState has laid claim to and given meaning.
  • Transparent Repository Structure: The specification of the structure of transparent repositories.
  • ActiveTcl: How TEApot and ActiveTcl interact with each other.


The TEApot system provides four command line tools. They are:

  • TEAcup: A package management client for fetching, installing, updating and removing Tcl packages (part of ActiveTcl). TEAcup can also provide meta data on installed and available packages and can be used to search multiple repositories using complex queries.
  • TEApot: A server application for exposing a TEA repository on a network via TCP/IP. The server uses port 832768 by default.
  • TEApot-Admin: An administrative client for managing "opaque" repositories on the local filesystem. It allows you to create new repositories, add and remove packages, list the repository contents, and retrieve packages.
  • TEApot-Pkg: A tool for creating TEA package archives from package sources and binaries.