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The ActiveState Tcl Dev Kit development environment is a set of powerful development tools and an extended Tcl platform for professional Tcl developers.

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Tcl Dev Kit Components

Tcl Dev Kit Tutorials

TEA Package Management

The new Tcl Extension Architecture (TEA) is a framework for Tcl package management. Download and install Tcl packages from the ActiveState repository, or create your own repository with packaged versions of your own Tcl extensions.

  • Introduction: A quick introduction to the most important pieces of the TEApot system and their relationships.
  • Glossary: The glossary of all terms relevant to TEApot.
  • Meta data specification: The specification of the meta data format, its embedding into various forms of package archives, and the keywords ActiveState has laid claim to and given meaning.
  • ActiveTcl: How TEApot and ActiveTcl interact with each other.
  • more...

Tcl Dev Kit Debugger (with Coverage and Profiling)

No more puts statements! Breakpoints, single-stepping, variable/stack display, code coverage analysis, extensive code profiling and other features help you to track down bugs quickly. The Tcl Dev Kit Debugger provides a convenient graphical user interface for debugging local, remote and embedded Tcl applications as well as multiple processes. more...

Tcl Dev Kit Checker

Our static code analyzer helps you find syntax and other common usage errors quickly, without having to run your program. If you are using older versions of Tcl and Tk (as far back as Tcl 7.3 and Tk 3.6), the Tcl Dev Kit Checker helps you upgrade by warning about potential incompatibilities. more...

Tcl Dev Kit Compiler

Do you want to keep your customers from seeing and modifying your source code? The Tcl Dev Kit Compiler converts a Tcl script into a bytecode representation for distribution, so that your source code doesn't leave your site. The Tcl Dev Kit Compiler, which includes both a command-line and a graphical interface, supports Tcl versions 8.4 and later. more...

Tcl Dev Kit TclApp

TclApp replaces the Tcl Dev Kit Wrapper, which was based on prowrap. The TclApp tool collects all the files required for a Tcl application and creates a single executable file. Making use of the Virtual Filesystem (VFS) support included in Tcl version 8.4, TclApp vastly simplifies the wrapping process, letting developers specify packages as well as individual files. In addition, you can use the command-line version of TclApp to convert starkits to starpacks. more...

Tcl Dev Kit Package Editor

The Package Editor makes it easy to define groups of files for inclusion in applications generated with TclApp. more...

Tcl Dev Kit Service Manager

The Service Manager is used to register services (built with TclApp). The Service Manager provides a graphical interface for registering services on a Windows system. more...

Tcl Dev Kit Inspector

The Inspector is an inspector for Tk applications. It uses Tk's send command to retrieve information from other Tk applications. Previously, aspects of the Inspector were only available when running the Tcl Dev Kit Debugger with coverage. The complete Inspector functionality is now included with the Tcl Dev Kit. more...

Cross Reference Tool

The Cross Reference Tool builds a database from programs and packages, making it easy to drill down into your code and examine relationships and dependencies. This graphical tool extracts various elements, including packages, files, namespaces, commands and variables, and displays them on individual tabs for convenient viewing. The Cross Reference Tool works with Tcl version 8.4 or greater. more...