State Tool

Introducing the State Tool

The state tool is a command line interface (CLI) for the ActiveState Platform that enables access to your projects and runtime environments on the ActiveState Platform without leaving your command prompt.

Important: This is a preview release of the State Tool which includes features that we are actively developing and it will include frequent changes. We may release updates that are not backwards compatible and require you to make config or workflow changes. It is not yet ready for production use.

The State Tool is

Download and installation

  1. Open your command prompt and enter the following command on one line:

    sh <(curl -q

    The latest version of the State Tool will be downloaded, verified, and installed.

  2. At the prompt, specify the location to install the State Tool, or press Enter to accept the default location.

  3. Enter y to confirm the location.

  4. Recommended. You should update your PATH to include the folder where the State Tool is installed, so that you can run the State Tool from any directory.

System Requirements


To use the state tool, install the executable anywhere on your file system and add its location to your PATH environment variable.


The basic syntax for downloading, installing, and setting up a local virtual environment with your project is:

$ state activate organization/projectName


$ state activate username/projectName

Command Reference

This release of the State Tool includes four commands for interacting with the ActiveState Platform and your projects.