Quick Start: ActiveState-managed projects

Getting started with Projects

Managed projects provide access to the ActiveState language distributions that are available to your Organization. ActiveState manages and updates these language distributions, and packages them as installers you can download and install on your computer.

The distributions available to your Organization, and how you can use them in production, depend on the type ActiveState customer you are. Customers of ActiveState prior to the launch of the ActiveState Platform can continue to get the language builds and installers, previously available through Connect or My Account, from the Platform.

  • Enterprise Edition customers: You get access the custom language distribution builds that ActiveState provides on a quarterly basis. These are managed builds created and maintained by ActiveState.
  • Business Edition customers: You get access to a catalog projects for the business edition language you purchased. These are managed builds created and maintained by ActiveState.
  • OEM customers: You get access to the language distribution builds you are licensed to redistribute.

Important: ActiveState language distributions are licensed solely in accordance with the terms of their respective license agreements and or support level agreements, available at https://www.activestate.com/eulas/ or by logging in to My Account for your account details.

For more information, see Projects.

If you do not have access to the builds you expect to see, contact support@activestate.com. If you previously accessed your installers through My Account, you can continue to access them there through 2019 at account.activestate.com.

  1. Open your web browser and navigate to http://platform.activestate.com and sign in.
  2. In your Dashboard, select an organization that contains managed projects.
  3. Click the Projects tab.
  4. In the Managed Projects panel, click the project you want to use.

    • If you want to download an installer for the project, click the Builds tab, select the platform you want and then click Download next to the installer you need.
    • If you want to fork the project, click the Fork It link. Choose the location to fork the project to, an organization or your personal account, and click Fork Project. Forking a project allows you to get the latest changes as commits are added to the original project. For more information, see Forking Projects