ActiveState Platform Release Notes

July 2018

  • Display releases sorted by date and name (instead of just date)
  • Organization pages indicate if logged-in user is an owner
  • Resolves issues with Internet Explorer 11

June 2018

  • Added chat option for support.
  • Improvements to invite process including notifying users when they are made the Owner of an organization.
  • Improvements to security scanning.
  • Track the user that created a project.
  • Treat project names as case-insensitive.

May 2018

  • Improvements for the project display on the Dashboard with support for distributions, releases, and download formats.
  • Show pending invitations on organization member list page.
  • Allow organization owners to re-send or delete pending invitations.
  • Allow organization owners to send invitations where new member will also be made an organization owner.
  • Updates to create account workflow
  • Adds Forgot Password option to sign in page
  • Organization invite page shows pending invitations for owners
  • Fixes to ensure that stale pages are not retained in the browser cache
  • Fix to sort Recent Activity by most recent activities

April 2018

This update includes the following changes:

  • User accounts: You can create and manage preferences for your account.
  • Invites: You can invite other users to join your organization if you are an owner.
  • Organizations: You can manage users that belong to your organizations.
  • Two Factor Authentication: You can enable two factor authentication for enhanced security for your account by using the Google Authenticator.
  • Upgrade Security & Compliance scan agent to work with new site and API