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Welcome to the Komodo User Guide

What's new in Komodo IDE


  • Code Refactoring: The new Komodo refactoring component has these smart code-transformation capabilities:

    • Rename Variable: quickly and easily rename variables in the editor. It uses inline markers and multiple cursor selections to easily change the name of a code variable.
    • Rename Class Member: similar to rename variable, but works on all instances and across multiple files.
    • Method Extraction: move parts of your code into a new function. Any variables used in the selected text are refactored into function arguments and are then passed to the extracted method.
    Note that code refactoring will only work with languages that provide code intelligence information (i.e. PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, Node.js).

  • Abyss theme: A new dark theme for the Komodo user interface has been added. This theme affects the Komodo UI elements outside of the main editor (i.e. different from Komodo color schemes which only affect the main editor colors). You can enable Abyss in the Komodo Appearance preferences.

  • PHP 5.5 Support: We've added support for PHP 5.5, with a new Xdebug module (for PHP debugging and Code Profiling), updates for the two new keywords (yield, finally) and updates to code intelligence to provide the latest API data for PHP 5.5.

  • Breadcrumbs: A file and directory navigation bar has been added to the Komodo statusbar. This bar shows the directory ancestors relative to the current editor file, allowing you to easily find and open related files. You can use mouse and/or keyboard to navigate entries and filter down the list of files displayed.

  • Multiple Selections: In addition to Komodo's rectangular (column) editing, you can now have multiple caret positions in the editor. Typing or editing commands will be reflected at all caret locations. Use the editors right click contextual menu and choose the 'Select > Multiple Selection - Add', then you can use Ctrl+Click (Cmd+Click on the Mac) to place additional carets and selections.

  • Button Menu: Komodo can now be configured to use a collapsed toolbar button menu, instead of a full menu bar (does not apply to Mac OS X). This can be useful when you want to maximize your vertical editing space. A bonus of this feature is that the last used menu items will also be displayed in the top-level of the button menu, making it quick and easy to run the same menu command again.

  • Python Symbols: Due to popular demand, we've now added two-character length triggering for Python symbols. For example, when you type "im" you'll now see completions for "import" as well as any local variables, functions, classes and builtins that are in scope and have a name starting with "im".

  • Code Intelligence Out-Of-Process: Komodo's code intelligence system (code scanning, calltips, completions, goto definition, refactoring, etc...) is now handled by an external process. Mostly you won't notice any changes in functionality, but this does boost Komodo's responsiveness whilst editing.

  • Mac Improvements: Drawing is smoother and Komodo can draw using the integrated graphics card. There were some edge cases on Retina screens where drawing glitches could occur in the editor component, leaving unwanted artefacts - this has now been fixed. Komodo can now work with the integrated graphics card - which can lead to improved battery life on laptops.

  • Performance: Various performance tweaks were made to Komodo 8.5 to improve the editing performance, as well as improving the search speed, syntax checking times and general responsiveness of Komodo.

  • Other Mentionables

    • Side pane scrollbars now fade out when they are not in use
    • Open Files now includes additional sorting and grouping options
    • Font Quality (anti-aliasing) preferences were added (Windows and Mac OS X)
    • Komodo now updated to use the Mozilla 24, Scintilla 3.34 and Python 2.7.5

(Read the full Release Notes.)


You can use one of the following links to download Komodo:

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