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Komodo IDE/Edit 8.0 Release Notes

These Release Notes cover what's new, detailed changes and bug fixes and known issues for Komodo IDE and Komodo Edit.

What's New in Komodo IDE/Edit


  • User Interface Styling: We've revamped the Komodo user interface, you'll notice a new Komodo logo, the toolbars, statusbars and side panes have all been updated, the editor schemes have been tweaked, and we'll continue to improve and modify the styling throughout the Komodo 8 release series. We've also kept around the old Komodo 7 styling for those that prefer a dash of color - simply choose the Classic icon set in Komodo's appearance preferences, or try one of the other myriad of new icon sets we now include.

  • Floating Side Panes: You now get the ability to detach individual side pane tabs (Places, Code Browser, Debug, Find Results, Breakpoints, etc...) into their own separate window, so you can now put your debugging pane on a completely separate monitor screen (if you're lucky enough to have multiple monitors). Just use the mouse and right-click on the tab/icon you wish to move and you'll get the appropriate context menu.

  • Minimap: Sitting right next to your editor scrollbar, the minimap gives a high-level (10,000 foot) view of your code. It gives just enough details to allow you to quickly scroll and re-position the editor on a targeted section of code.

  • Open Files Side Pane: There is a new widget in the left pane that groups and lists all of the files you have opened. It groups the files by language and then sorts them - this is really useful if you have a lot of opened files. You can also hide the editor tabs completely, and just use the Open Files pane.

  • Fast Open Shortcuts: When using the fast open dialog, you can now make a shortcut to frequently used files and directories. For example, given the directory "/some/long/path/to/my/code", you can make a shortcut called "code", then when using the fast open dialog, simply typing "code/" will now show you the files of this directory without the need to type out that full path.

  • Auto Abbreviation Snippets: Komodo now provides automatic triggering for a selected group of toolbox abbreviations (snippets). This makes developing code faster, smarter and easier, with the user in complete control of the content being inserted!

  • Conditional Snippets: It's now possible to use JavaScript code within a snippet, so you can programatically determine the snippet contents at runtime. Komodo allows the use of Embedded JavaScript (EJS) inside of the snippet text, which will be dynamically executed inside of Komodo's JavaScript environment, and as such it has full access to the Komodo JavaScript API.

  • Retina Support - Mac OS X: Retina support has been enabled in Komodo 8 - providing crystal clear high definition fonts and icons. Combining the new Retina support, native full screen support on the Mac and the updated Komodo interface - it's awesome to be a Mac developer using Komodo.

  • Updated Platform: Komodo has received a number of updates to it's underlying code base. Komodo now uses Mozilla 18, Python 2.7 and Scintilla 3.2.4, as well as other updated internal components. All of this means:

    • Better performance - with faster startup times as well as using less CPU and memory resources
    • Fast find in files - twice the speed of Komodo 7.
    • Better hardware support - by detecting and supporting modern computer systems
    • A better browser preview - supporting the latest and greatest web technologies

  • New Language Support

    • Laravel Blade - a PHP templating language
    • Sass Syntax Checking added

Detailed Changes and Bug Fixes in Komodo IDE/Edit

Changes related to Debugging, Interactive Shells, Source Code Control, HTTP Inspector, Rx Toolkit, Code Browser, Database Explorer, Stackato and the Sections List only apply to Komodo IDE only.

8.0.2 Bug Fixes

  • Code Intelligence: PHP: Allow completions for files that use the same base name. (Bug 93859)
  • Code Intelligence: PHP: Show completions for core PHP interfaces. (Bug 98831)
  • Code Intelligence: Python: Allow completions and calltips even when no Python interpreter is found/configured. (Bug 98174)
  • Debugger: Python: Fix python2 remote debugging package. (Bug 98532)
  • Debugger: Python: Report types of ints and bools correctly, not as "str". (Bug 98546)
  • Debugger: Ruby: Add support for Ruby 2.0 debugging. (Bug 97711)
  • Debugger: Tcl: Allow Tk programs to be launched with wish, not just tclsh. (Bug 98313)
  • Editor: Add a pref at editor/scrolling to control whether shift-ctrl-mouse-wheel changes the zoom level of the current view. (Bug 89701)
  • Editor: Color <%% and %%> in EJS and komodo snippets as escape sequences. (Bug 98464)
  • Editor: Handle comment-continuations for languages that don't do auto-indent, like ini, diff, Makefile, and batch. (Bug 98467)
  • Editor: Make sure clicking in the line-number margin of a wrapped line selects that line. (Bug 98494)
  • Editor: Minimap: Don't allow pasting by clicking on the middle-button on Linux. (Bug 97909)
  • Editor: Minimap: Disable drag/drop involving the minimap. (Bug 97159)
  • Editor: Minimap: Update minimap context menu when buffer is first shown. (Bug 98512)
  • Editor: Prevent landing on buffers from moving to seemingly random positions. (Bug 98716)
  • Editor: Recognize that '$' is part of a variable name for purposes of double-clicking and identifier highlighting. (Bug 98566)
  • Editor: Ruby 2.0 support: Color %i-strings as array of symbols for Ruby 2.0+. (Bug 97711)
  • Editor: Upgraded Tcl colorizer and code-completion on keywords to Tcl 8.6. (Bug 98034)
  • Editor: Reinstate word-wrap for all scintilla objects. (Bug 98471)
  • Keybindings: Mac: Remove Ctrl+Y accesskey in the find toolbar. (Bug 98709)
  • Keybindings: Vi: Ensure "O" command works when used on a word-wrapped line. (Bug 98811)
  • Keybindings: Vi: Make sure "W" always moves either to the next. (Bug 98813)
  • Linux: Icons: Ensure Ambiance skin is properly auto-detected. (Bug 98894)
  • Linux: Install: Better detection of the host architecture, to avoid false warnings. (Bug 98519)
  • Linux: Scrollbars: Removed UI drawing glitch when left or right panes were visible. (Bug 97084)
  • Mac: Retina: Find Results: Fix disappearing results on Retina displays. (Bug 98230)
  • Mac: Retina: Icons: Edge-cases where icons would show at twice their size have been resolved. (Bug 98607)
  • Mac: Retina: Icons: Fixed case where viewing Appearance preferences could switch to the Classic theme. (Bug 98877)
  • Mac: SDK: Ensure the Komodo extension tools work correctly on a Mac. (Bug 98441)
  • Places: Confirm that files/folders should be dragged/dropped onto a folder. (Bug 98484)
  • Places: Expose the "Show in places" context-menu item in the Keybindings pref panel. (Bug 98572)
  • Places: You can now double click a folder to expand/collapse it (if "double click to make folder root" pref is turned off).
  • Prefs: Add an option to use pixel-mapped squigglies for better performance. (Bug 98440)
  • Projects: Show a proper group icon for project groupings. (Bug 98808)
  • Remote Files: Enable select button for choosing the current folder location. (Bug 97991)
  • Run Commands: Ensure the focus goes back to the editor after running a command. (Bug 98414)
  • Toolbox: Make sure undo/redo works after inserting snippets. (Bug 92695)
  • Toolbox: Make first launch of a snippet does not get ignored. (Bug 98835)
  • Syntax Checking: Ensure the pylint and pyflakes files can find their config files. (Bug 98461)
  • Windows: Startup: Allow starting Komodo on Windows 2003 machines. (Bug 98551)

8.0.1 Bug Fixes

  • Abbreviations: Reinstate on-demand abbreviations inside comments. (Bug 98154)
  • Abbreviations: Tweaked and removed some auto-abbreviation snippets to be less intrusive. (Bug 98232)
  • Code Intelligence: CSS: Avoid adding a second colan when completing CSS property names. (Bug 92762)
  • Debugger: Node.js: Allow debugging of Node.js 0.10. (Bug 98180)
  • Editor: Ensure compatability with Google's IME tools. (Bug 98188)
  • Editor: MySQL: Use "-- " for comments. (Bug 98156)
  • Editor: PHP: Don't colourise escaped variables in heredocs. (Bug 98190)
  • Editor: Stopped blurring of text when toggling word wrap. (Bug 98048)
  • Keybindings: Added commands to toggle and/or focus the "Open Files" pane. (Bug 97121)
  • Language Detection: Correctly recognize "double" file extensions, e.g. 'foo.html.erb' as Rails. (Bug 97967)
  • Linux: Correctly draw tab indicators when view whitespace is enabled. (Bug 98071)
  • Linux: Install: Ensure symlinks are correctly maintained by the install process. (Bug 98337)
  • Linux: Install: Warn when trying to install Komodo on the wrong hardware. (Bug 98202)
  • Mac OS X: Add restore-from-fullscreen button for Mac OS X 10.6. (Bug 98267)
  • Mac OS X: Fix horizontal scrolling on specific Mac hardware. (Bug 97964)
  • Projects: Ensure project menu remains enabled when switching projects. (Bug 97834)
  • Shutdown: Don't abort shutdown if an unexpected error occurred. (Bug 98043)
  • Source Code Control: Allow the history dialog to be properly resized. (Bug 98351)
  • Start Page: Ensure recent files / projects load correctly. (Bug 98007)
  • Toolbox: Hide obsolete samples and add a macro that lets the user easily restore them. (Bug 96600)
  • User Interface: Added more feedback about what is going to happen when changing skins / iconsets.
  • User Interface: Corrected the menuitem alignments on linux. (Bug 97984)
  • User Interface: Deleted custom toolbar items are now correctly removed from the overflow menu. (Bug 97835)
  • User Interface: Fixed crash when dragging and dropping a tab onto the window titlebar. (Bug 98171)
  • User Interface: Horizontally oriented panes now show a splitter when it holds multiple widgets. (Bug 98157)
  • User Interface: Places file icons now visible on Retina/HiDPI display. (Bug 98255)
  • User Interface: The classic icon set now properly shows breakpoint icons. (Bug 98094)

8.0.0 Bug Fixes

  • Auto Update: Mac: Ensure Komodo restarts after auto-updating. (Bug 97625)
  • Code Browser: At startup, ensure only the current file is shown when that option is enabled. (Bug 97889)
  • Code Intelligence: JavaScript: Update jQuery API catalog to version 1.9.1. (Bug 97623)
  • Code Intelligence: Ruby: Ensure Ruby codeintel finds all gem dirs, not just ones without a hyphen in the name. (Bug 97655)
  • Editor: Allow keypress repeat in the editor. (Bug 97890)
  • Editor: Fixed being unable to open file due to unexpected workspace preferences. (Bug 97717)
  • Editor: Allow keypress repeat in the editor. (Bug 97717)
  • Editor: Make sure scrollbar position is maintained after word-wrap is turned off. (Bug 97600)
  • Editor: Mac: Stop flickering when resizing the editor. (Bug 97395)
  • Editor: Use an I-beam cursor when mouse is over the editor. (Bug 97903)
  • Editor: Minimap: Don't show editor caret in the minimap view. (Bug 97448)
  • Key Bindings: Vi: Ensure multi-key commands work correctly. (Bug 97677)
  • Preferences: Ensure language preferences are properly maintained. (Bug 97728)
  • Project Templates: Disallow remote files in a project template. (Bug 95086)
  • Syntax Checking: Python: Make sure line numbers are correctly reported on Windows. (Bug 94848)
  • Syntax Checking: Python: Ensure PyLint checking works for files in readonly directories. (Bug 97854)
  • Remote Files: Save as command was not working if trim modified lines pref was set. (Bug 97642)
  • Rx Toolkit: Count capturing groups correctly when highlighting syntax errors in the toolkit. (Bug 95097)
  • User Interface: Mac: Speed up drawing of context menus. (Bug 97658)

8.0.0rc1 Bug Fixes

  • Code Intelligence: Don't include "self" in Python magic method cplns if it's already defined. (Bug 97194)
  • Editor: Make sure folding marks are shown correctly when changing a buffer from another language to CSS. (Bug 97344)
  • Editor: Mac OS X: Stop text from flickering during keypress events. (Bug 97214)
  • Editor: Performance: Improve speed of keypress handling. (Bug 97330)
  • Editor: Stop color flash when closing a tab. (Bug 97061)
  • Help: Enable find for the Mac help dialog. (Bug 97151)
  • Mac OS X: Added hi-DPI Retina iconset. (Bug 97285)
  • Minimap: Added a per-view toggle for viewing/hiding the minimap. (Bug 97152)
  • Places: Linux: Better handling of non-ASCII path names. (Bug 97419)
  • Preferences: Use a File > Project > Global preference chain. (Bug 96478)
  • Startup: Resolved issue of bad UI loading at startup (affecting icon display and keypress handling). (Bug 97366)
  • Syntax Checking: Performance: Simplify lint schedule requests to reduce unnecessary calls. (Bug 97334)
  • Syntax Checking: Perl: Make sure syntax-checking happens for files in paths containing non-ascii characters. (Bug 96303)
  • User Interface: Fixed toolbar overflowing when the toolbar exceeded the window width. (Bug 97429)
  • User Interface: Fixed context menu alignment for menus that contained icons. (Bug 97494)

8.0.0b1 Bug Fixes

  • Auto Abbreviations: HTML: Don't insert extra "<" if it already exists before the tag name. (Bug 96687)
  • Auto Abbreviations: Make sure abbreviation-triggering is sublanguage-aware. (Bug 96816)
  • Color Schemes: Added a new Komodo color scheme.
  • Editor: Emit an error message when block-selection is attempted on a buffer where folding is turned off. (Bug 96829)
  • Findbar: Fix enter to find next occurrence. (Bug 96527)
  • Findbar: When opening the find bar, automatically fill in the last-used search. (Bug 93040)
  • Help: Add Help links to Python3 documentation. (Bug 88809)
  • Mac OS X Fullscreen: Now integrates with the native full screen feature of Mac OS X. (Bug 91088)
  • PHP: Add constants __CLASS__ and __FUNCTION__. (Bug 96991)
  • Restart: Ensure Komodo's environment variables do not leak into the user environment. (Bug 96589)
  • Startup: Compatibility with older Linux operating systems (e.g. RHEL 5)

8.0.0a3 Bug Fixes

  • Auto Abbreviations: Optimize auto-abbreviation lookup/insertion algorithm. (Bug 96693)
  • Browser Preview: Allow opening the preview in a separate Komodo dialog. (Bug 96610)
  • Editor: Allow save all to work when a browser preview is open. (Bug 92900)
  • Find: Handle word-searching correctly for regexes. (Bug 96542)
  • Remote Files: Ensure dialog re-opens as completely visible after it's been resized larger. (Bug 96616)
  • Sync: Fix conflicts when syncing between Komodo 7 and Komodo 8. (Bug 96567)
  • Troubleshooting: Memory Reporter now works again (Windows and Linux). (Bug 96548)

8.0.0a2 Bug Fixes

  • Add 64-bit binaries for Ruby debugging on OSX. (Bug 96333)
  • Collaboration: Get it working on OSX again. (Bug 96223)
  • Command Output: Hide the unused left margin. (Bug 96314)
  • File Save: When stripping white-space of changed lines only, don't remove trailing newlines. (Bug 96101)
  • Editor: Linux: Stop special codes being inserted from Click+Ctrl events. (Bug 96299)
  • Editor: Mac: Ensure the vertical scrollbar behaves correctly. (Bug 96347)
  • Languages: Twig: Add icon for the Twig language. (Bug 96214)
  • License: Ensure Komodo IDE alphas don't require an existing license. (Bug 96315)
  • Remote Files: When detecting changed files, be sure to persist the value after the dialog is shown. (Bug 95690)
  • Sections List: Use a wider popup results panel. (Bug 96297)
  • Source Code Control: Subversion: Show correct status inside symlinked directories. (Bug 96306)
  • Statusbar: Column numbers should start at 1. (Bug 96309)
  • Syntax Checking: Perl: Ensure non-ascii file paths work. (Bug 96303)
  • Syntax Checking: Perl: Allow specification of a .perlcriticrc file per file, project, or globally, similar to pylintrc. (Bug 96168)
  • Toolbox: Support editing and linting snippets in a regular editor view (same as macros). (Bug 96375)
  • Startup: Environment: Unset environment variables that could conflict with external applications. (Bug 96291)

8.0.0a1 Bug Fixes

  • Browser Preview: Added a command to reload the browser preview. (Bug 95303)
  • Browser Preview: Stop window.open() calls from opening a new Komodo window. (Bug 93756)
  • Code Intelligence: Add support for Python set literals. (Bug 88419)
  • Code Intelligence: Resolve variables bound to objects defined in modules that are defined over multiple files. (Bug 72335)
  • Debugger: Add "Add Watched Variable" to editor context-menu while debugging. (Bug 20675)
  • Debugger: Interactive Shells need better undo handling.
  • Editing: support commenting/uncommenting of block selections. (Bug 95170)
  • Editor: Handle drag/drop of block selections. (Bug 95083)
  • Editor: PHP: Add support for transitions from PHP to other languages. (Bug 95243)
  • Editor: Ruby: Make sure that '<<', <target> followed by 'if' or 'unless' is always treated as a heredoc. (Bug 95341)
  • Editor: allow moving to columns as well as line-numbers in the Go-to-line dialog. (Bug 88710)
  • Editor: ensure select-line of a collapsed block selects the entire block. (Bug 95335)
  • Editor: make sure folded lines persist when doing a save-as. (Bug 94967)
  • Get automatic variable highlighting to work with Tcl files. (Bug 95389)
  • Make it easier to create Stackato YAML template files in Komodo: Doing this by creating a tabstop snippet. (Bug 94217)
  • Make sure that newlines in strings in recorded macros are serialized as "\n", not an actual newline. (Bug 95493)
  • Rx: Show Perl group names when doing MatchAll. (Bug 96058)
  • Search/Replace: preserve the BOM for utf-8 files when doing a search/replace over files, but only for those files that have a BOM. (Bug 93985)
  • Stackato interface: When creating a new app, give the external-facing IP addr for the machine, not "localhost". (Bug 95545)
  • Stackato: Make it clearer how to define more than one service in the new-app wizard. (Bug 94955)
  • Syntax Checking: Have the "Check syntax now" button override prefs for suppressing syntax-checking. (Bug 95371)
  • Syntax Checking: Less: If Node and Less are installed ("lessc actually"), offer to display the error-messages they find rather than the CSS-focused analyzer built into Komodo. (Bug 94981)
  • Syntax Checking: Perl: Don't hang when a pattern-match fails. (Bug 95222)
  • Syntax Checking: Python: Stop pylint from incorrectly complaining about the module's name. (Bug 95305)
  • Syntax Checking: PHP: Give better error messsages (and not too many) if Komodo can't find a PHP interpreter. (Bug 46141)
  • Syntax Checking: Rails: Support for the ERB variant. (Bug 95364)
  • Syntax Checking: SCSS: When possible use the scss interpreter to syntax-check SCSS files, and fallback on the (limited) builtin checker supplied by Komodo to do basic SCSS checking. (Bug 94285)
  • Toolbox: Add softchar shortcuts to snippets. (Bug 96399)

Known Issues

To view the status of outstanding Komodo issues, including those that have been fixed in this release, or to add comments or additional issues, please visit the Komodo Bug Database.

Installation & Upgrade

  • Windows Vista will prompt you to either 'Allow' or 'Deny' the installation. Click on 'Allow' and Komodo will install normally.
  • The Komodo installer requires up to 230 MB in your TMP directory (as indicated by the value of your 'TMP' environment variable) during installation, even if you plan to install Komodo to another drive. If you do not have the required space on this drive, manually set the 'TMP' environment variable to another directory with sufficient space. Ensure that you have enough space, temporarily, for installation. (Bug 7057)
  • If you try to install Komodo on Windows and the MSI install fails with error 2355, your MSI file is corrupt. Please download Komodo again and re-run the MSI install. (Bug 7405)


  • Slow performance on NoMachine (remote desktop) has been reported - bug 93841.


  • Tabstop syntax has changed in Komodo 5.0. Abbreviation from the Toolbox|Samples directory of pre-5.0 versions of Komodo will not work as expected with the current implementation. Delete the older versions to use the ones featured in the "Samples (5.0.0)" directory. Alternatively, if you have made modifications to these snippets or have implemented your own using tabstops linked by name, consult the documentation and revise them using numbered linking.
  • By design, Komodo does not attempt Replace in Files operations on unknown file types. However, file association preferences can be used to associate a user-defined extension with a language category (e.g. "Text") which then enables replacements for that file type.
  • Linux users may need to install the SCIM platform packages for non-ASCII text entry. See "Linux Software Prerequisites" in the Installation Guide for details. (Bug 70812)
  • While autocomplete on many of the modules in the Python PyWin32 packages works, Komodo's PyWin32 API catalog currently does not have information for: pythoncom and the binary sub-modules of win32com.
  • The macro recorder will record events that it cannot handle, such as the opening of dialogs. The only dialog that can be opened via a macro is the Find dialog; other dialogs will cause the macro to stop.
  • Languages that are read right to left (e.g. Middle Eastern languages like Arabic) are not supported. All Latin, Cyrillic and Far East languages are fully supported. (Bug 75477)
  • On slow networks, users may notice performance degradation when editing files on network machines. Performance can be improved by disabling the Komodo function that checks if files on disk have changed. Use the Editor Preferences to disable this feature. (Bug 18297)
  • Interpolation shortcuts in snippets are not executed when the snippet is inserted in the Editor Pane via dragging and dropping.
  • On Linux, GTK2 hard codes 'Ctrl'+'Shift' to use international input. Therefore, all key bindings involving 'Ctrl'+'Shift'+ (any valid hexadecimal character) do not work in Komodo. A workaround is to start Komodo with the command: export GTK_IM_MODULE=xim; ./komodo'. Otherwise, key bindings of this kind must be changed. (Bug 38205)
  • When copying text that does not have Windows line endings into another application, which expects Windows line endings, the text may not retain the desired formatting. The text is often pasted as a single line. (Bug 36791)
  • Code snippets that are 8-bit-encoded and contain high-bit characters may have the wrong encoding (or no encoding) when inserted from the Toolbox into a UTF-8 encoded file in the Editor Pane. (Bug 36769)
  • When editing a code comment in Komodo you may use <Shift+Enter> to start a new line within the comment -- the comment prefix is added automatically. Komodo may fail to properly add the comment prefix if many new lines are added quickly with repeated <Shift+Enter> presses. (Bug 38658)


  • PHP: The xdebug.remote_autostart option will interfere with local debugging configuration in Komodo if it is enabled. If you need this option enabled for remote debugging, set the Path to alternate PHP configuration file under Preferences|Languages|PHP to point to a copy of php.ini without this option.
  • PHP: A non-empty doc_root setting in php.ini causes a 'No input file specified' error when starting a local debugging session with CGI emulation. The Web Developer Suite 2.0 package and others use this setting, and it is copied into the debugging version of php.ini during PHP auto-config. Comment this setting out in the file specified in 'Preferences|Languages|PHP|Path to alternate PHP configuration file' to avoid this problem.
  • Python: Breakpoints will not work with the Psyco extension enabled. The Komodo FAQ has a work-around solution.
  • Tcl 8.5: Tcl Beta releases contain only version-specific executables (e.g. tclsh85.exe and wish85.exe). Komodo does not automatically find these in the path. To use them, specify the executables manually in Edit|Preferences...|Languages|Tcl|Interpreters, or create non-versioned symlinks/shortcuts to the versioned executables.
  • The Perl debugger uses alarm() internally. This can conflict with some Perl frameworks and modules (such as POE) which use alarm() as well. To work around this problem, add alarm=0 to the PERLDB_OPTS environment variable (in the Environment tab of the Debugger Options) which stops the debugger from using alarm(). With this work-around in place, the Break Now button and menu item will not work in debugging sessions.
  • Python debugging with IronPython does not currently work as there is no support for Python debugging hooks in IronPython.
  • In PerlApp executables, it is now possible to step into loaded modules, but not to set breakpoints in them.
  • PHP 5.0.0, 5.0.1 and 5.0.2 do not work with the debugger extension. You can use PHP version 4.4.x, a version greater than PHP 5.0.2.
  • If the debug listener (Debug|Listen for Debugger Connections) is off, multithreaded applications may not run or debug as expected. Only the main thread operates through the debugger. To debug multithreaded applications, turn on debug listening prior to debugging. (Debug listening is turned on by default.) (Bug 32776)
  • PHP configurations that use Zend Extensions (such as PHP Accelerator) are not compatible with the Komodo PHP debugger. (Bug 21890)
  • Due to the way the core Perl interpreter works, it is not possible to step over "require" statements. (Bug 18776)
  • You cannot debug 'freestanding' executables created with the PDK in Komodo. Instead, build a 'dependant' executable, which requires a local install of ActivePerl.
  • The variable watcher does not work when debugging \\machine\d$\path\to\perl_script.pl. It does work when opening the same file via a UNC path that does not include a '$' character. (Bug 19558)
  • When debugging remote applications, Komodo fails if the remote process does not have valid stdout and stderr handles. GUI applications, such as those started with "wperl.exe" or "pythonw.exe", or those using the Pythonwin or wxPython frameworks, or those with certain embedded applications, can have invalid stdout and stderr handles. Until we resolve this issue, try to run and debug your remote program under perl.exe or python.exe.
  • Python, XSLT and PHP debugging require TCP/IP to be installed and properly configured, even if you are debugging scripts locally. While TCP/IP is configured by default on most systems, early versions of Windows may require manual TCP/IP configuration.
  • When debugging a GUI script in Komodo, adding a "watched variable" when not stopped at a breakpoint can cause Komodo to hang. You must manually terminate the script being debugged to stop Komodo from hanging. The problem occurs because the GUI script, while in its message loop, does not respond to Komodo's request for the variable value. (Bug 23516)
  • If the Komodo debugger is configured to use a specific port, when Komodo is shut down, the port is sometimes not immediately released. If Komodo is restarted before the port is released by the operating system, a message is displayed advising that the system is unable to bind that port. As a workaround, we suggest configuring port 0 as the Komodo debugging port and using the debugger proxy for remote debugging. (Bug 32821)
  • Breaking into a running Perl script can only occur while crossing sub boundaries in the Perl code, as that's currently the only chance the Perl debugger has to check to see if the IDE has sent the break command. (Bug 35611)
  • When debugging Perl, if you set a breakpoint on the while statement, the debugger stops on the breakpoint only once, namely before the first pass through the loop. This is a limitation in the Perl interpreter. (Bug 34866)
  • Komodo debugger uses TCP/IP networking for communications. On systems with firewalls installed, the debugger may fail if the firewall is not configured to allow Komodo to listen for connections. On Windows, you may see a "Windows Security Alert" dialog asking if you want to allow Komodo to listen for connections, you will need to unblock Komodo. (Bug 21684)
  • The Perl debugger cannot trap fatal runtime errors. Users can accomplish this in their code by wrapping problematic code in an eval block, and then testing for an exception. (Bug 33855)
  • Komodo does not provide proper source debugging in Python exec and eval statements. This is a limitation of Python's interpreter. (Bug 40336)
  • When debugging PHP on a remote Linux machine from a local Windows machine, the debugging option "Try to find files on the local system when remote debugging" has no effect. This is due to differences in Unix and Win32 file paths. (Bug 39137)
  • When debugging Python, Komodo does not permit you to set local variables in the interactive shell. However, you can edit those values from the program's variable viewers, such as the Watch and Locals panes on the Debug tab. (Bug 36794)
  • When debugging PHP scripts on Komodo with CGI emulation, you may need to change the setting for cgi.force_redirect in the php.ini file. You may also need to set an environment variable in the Debugger Options dialog box: "REDIRECT_STATUS=200 OK". These settings vary depending on your system and the configuration of PHP. (Bug 35021)
  • When Debugging PHP, the HTML pane of the Output tab does not refresh automatically. To refresh the contents of this pane, click the "Reload HTML view" button on the Output tab. (Bug 36999)
  • Komodo supports full Unicode debugging with Perl 5.8. Although Perl 5.6 can be used for debugging programs with single-byte encodings (e.g. cp1251), it is recommended that programmers with multi-byte character sets upgrade to Perl 5.8.5 or better. (Bug 36760)
  • When debugging Python, if you launch the debugger from a directory containing a module with the same name as one of the modules used by the debugger, the wrong file is used. For example, if you have a file named logging.py in the directory where the debugger is launched, the debugger will fail. (Bug 36783)
  • When stepping through Perl files, the Komodo debugger displays the wrong print results in the Locals window of the Debug tab. This is because Perl provides only one iterator for each collection variable. The Komodo debugger must iterate through a hash or an array in order to display the values in Komodo. A workaround is to display the Watch pane instead of the Locals pane, and type the names of the expressions that you want to view. (Bug 33668)
  • As of Komodo 5.0, the Perl debugger emits numeric hash keys with embedded underscores. For example, a hash key of '123456789' now appears in the variables tabs as '123_456_789'.
  • Breakpoints don't work in files with symlinks in their path. The debugger engine calculates whether to break based on the actual file path. To work around this limitation, load the file in Komodo using the real path, or create a hard link (e.g. on Linux, use 'ln' without the '-s' option). (Bug 79147)

Interactive Shell

  • The interactive shell does not initialize properly when invoked while the Command Output tab has focus. To avoid this, switch focus to another tab or sidebar before starting the interactive shell.
  • Perl: Only pattern variables $1 .. $9 are preserved across each query. (Bug 34528)
  • Python: The getpass package requires the use of a tty on UNIX systems. Komodo does not provide a tty in its interactive shell so getpass will fail with an exception. (Bug 34259)

Source Code Control

  • The SCC Checkout wizard, SCC Commit and SCC Push features does not correctly handle password authentication. SCC commands requiring password authentication should be done at the command line, or be setup to use password-less authentication mechanisms.
  • A bug in CVS will cause WinCVS and TortoiseCVS to detect file changes when a Komodo project has merely been opened. The problem is likely a bug in the cvshome.org executable or in the cvsnt.org executable, which are used by both WinCVS and TortoiseCVS. (Bug 21085)
  • Komodo's integration with the Perforce commit/submit command cannot commit files that are not in the default changelist. These files must be submitted via an external interface (e.g. p4, P4Win). Note that any files checked out inside Komodo are in the default changelist, so this limitation should only apply to users who already use an external interface to their Perforce repository. (Bug 27070)
  • If the Perforce connection cannot be established, checking the status of files in a Perforce repository will hang Komodo. (Bug 35058)
  • If you are using CVS Source Code Control, note that the very first time you log in to a repository, cvs.exe fails to create the .cvspass file correctly and will return an error. Repeat the command to login a second time and correctly generate the file. This is a CVS bug. (Bug 20353)

Mac OS X

  • If you have two drives with the same name, and you use the file open dialog in a Mozilla application, the directory menu (top middle of dialog) may crash when clicked. To avoid this, rename one of the hard drives.
  • New Custom Menus created in a Project or in the Toolbox will not appear until Komodo has been restarted.
  • Throughout the Komodo documentation there are references to key bindings that use the 'Cmd' key. This key may be better known to OS X users as the 'Command' key. (Bug 41959)
  • Komodo will shut down and restart itself the first time it is run after installation. (Bug 40143)
  • Display of text during editing ("painting") may sometimes be slow or pause momentarily.
  • Certain UI elements stop working after changing key bindings. Restarting Komodo fixes this. (Bug 38683)
  • When saving a file, Komodo does not set file information (type and creator) for the OS X Finder to know that Komodo created the file. (Bug 38745)
  • Breakpoints cannot be removed when debugging XSLT scripts. (Bug 40072)
  • PHP debugging will not work with the PHP build distributed with OS X because it does not load external modules. To use PHP debugging on OS X, build PHP from source or download a binary from http://www.entropy.ch/software/macosx/php
    (Bug 39901)
  • Komodo is sometimes recognized as a web browser by some applications on OS X (e.g. Safari's "Default Web Browser" setting). Using Komodo as the default web browser is not recommended.
  • Application menu items that have multi-key key bindings will not show their key bindings in a pop-up tool tip on OS X. This is a limitation in OS X.
  • Context menus may not display unless you hold down the mouse button for a period of time. This is because the Komodo editor is implemented in Mozilla as a plugin, and it does not access the appropriate context menu event to handle this behavior properly without interfering with other mouse events (for example, drag and drop). (Bug 41216)
  • Due to a limitation in the Mozilla code base, key bindings for the Next File and Previous File options on the Window menu are not displayed next to the menu items. The key bindings are 'Cmd'+'PageDown' to view the next file and 'Cmd'+'PageUp' to view the previous file. (Bug 40716)


  • The Fonts and Colors pane in the Preferences dialog box displays the same list of fonts in both the Fixed and Proportional lists. There is no programmatic way to identify whether a font is proportional or not on GTK; therefore, users must know the properties of the individual fonts when modifying these values. (Bug 27206)
  • Install Komodo into a directory path that only includes alphanumeric characters. Komodo is known to have trouble with paths that include spaces and some non-alphanumeric characters.
  • Key bindings defined in the window manager (such as KDE) take precedence over Komodo key bindings. In the case of conflicts, you must either change the Komodo key bindings or the window manager key bindings. (Bug 30926)
  • You cannot move an existing Komodo installation to a new directory. You must uninstall Komodo from the existing location and reinstall it in the new location. (Bug 19478)
  • Red Hat Linux 9.0 is known to have threading library bugs in its glibc that may cause Komodo to hang in certain situations. The recommended solution is to upgrade to the latest glibc for Red Hat Linux 9.0. (Bug 24340)
  • Using colon-separated include paths in the Perl shebang line causes a parse failure on some versions of Perl. Instead of using "/usr/bin/perl -cwT -I/path1:/path2 yourscript.pl", try using multiple include arguments such as "/usr/bin/perl -cwT -I/path1 -I/path2 yourscript.pl"
    (Bug 33524)
  • Komodo may not start up correctly on some Linux systems if C++ compatibility libraries have not been installed. On Fedora and Red Hat systems, install the "compat-libstdc++" package. On SuSE, install the "compat" package. On Gentoo, as root, run emerge lib-compat. This is not thought to be a problem on Debian systems. (Bug 36244)


  • A limitation in the parser used by the DOM Viewer causes HTML elements embedded in JavaScript strings to appear as element nodes of the current document. Placing the JavaScript in a CDATA section or a comment avoids this problem.
  • Komodo inherits a Mozilla bug whereby certain video drivers on Windows cause Komodo to crash. If you experience this behavior, upgrade your video driver to the latest version. If the problem persists, reduce the color definition assigned to the driver (Control Panel|Display|Settings). (Bug 32746)
  • Komodo inherits a Mozilla bug regarding display on dual-monitor systems where the secondary monitor is to the left of the primary monitor (causing negative coordinate results). The Komodo display occasionally fails to refresh; Komodo must be stopped and restarted to fix the display (Bug 26852)
  • The Palm Desktop for Windows software makes exclusive use of the 'Ctrl'+'Shift'+'T' key combination, thus making this combination unavailable in Komodo. (Bug 27851)
  • When using the PDK Build Standalone Application feature in Komodo with Perl 5.8.0 on a Linux installation where the environment is set to use UTF-8, you must add a module 'utf8' on the modules tab. This is the equivalent of 'perlapp --add utf8'. This does not affect Perl 5.6.x or future versions of Perl 5.8.1 or higher. (Bug 26898)
  • On Windows, some interactive commands may not work properly when run from the Command Output tab of the Output Pane. You must run these commands in a separate shell. (Bug 23176)
  • Perforce client version 2001.1 and previous for Windows is known to hang when used for Komodo's Perforce integration. Upgrading to the most recent version of Perforce is known to fix the problem. (Bug 19959)
  • The Output tab cuts off lines at 250 characters. (Bug 20711)
  • Macros will not record certain commands, including (but possibly not limited to) 'Ctrl'+'Shift'+'B'|'R'|'E'|'D' (toggle toolbars or button text), 'Ctrl'+'Shift'+'N' (new default file), and View as Language menu items.
  • If you are using the Pop-Up Stopper ad-blocking program (Pop-Up Zapper on OS X), it will close the Rx Toolkit window immediately after it is opened. (Bug 21768)
  • When you schedule a new file to be added using CVS, CVS will not permit you to remove the file from the repository using the "revert changes" command. (Bug 27192)
  • Users of the Japanese version of Windows XP may experience difficulties in starting Komodo.
  • The Open field in the Open/Find Toolbar does not automatically display a drop-down list of directories when an UNC path is typed. Currently, the list is only displayed when a the path includes a subdirectory. (Bug 29011)
  • When creating a "diff" in Komodo (Tools|Compare Files), the line endings of the files are normalized to Unix style line endings. Lines in files that have different line endings are not displayed differently in the diff (unless other differences are present), but a warning is provided to the user in the 'diff' window, or the 'no difference' dialog. (Bug 32932)
  • In Komodo's Rx Toolkit, the match offsets for Unicode or high-bit data are incorrect. When matching, the program does not account for UTF-8 multi-byte characters. (Bug 33287)
  • When adding new key bindings via the Preferences dialog box, Komodo displays a message indicating that the key bindings will not take effect until Komodo is restarted. However, some changes do take effect immediately.(Bug 36710)
  • If you rename a folder that was added to a custom menu, the name is changed in Komodo's Toolbox but not on the menu itself. A workaround is to move the renamed folder out and then back into the associated custom menu icon in the Toolbox. (Bug 36679)
  • A newly created custom menu is added to the Toolbox but is not immediately displayed alongside existing toolbars. Restarting Komodo causes the new toolbar to display. (Bug 40078)