Komodo Sync Komodo IDE only

Account Setup

Before you can use Sync or Collaboration, you have to set up your ActiveState account in Komodo. If you do not have one, you can create one for free at: https://account.activestate.com/signup/

To set up the account, select Tools > Komodo Services > My Account from the menu. Enter the email address and password of your ActiveState account and click Login. If your login data was valid, you should see the message "You're logged in to Komodo Services".

Synchronizing Komodo

Sync keeps your Komodo profile data synchronized between all the machines you run Komodo on. Komodo uploads parts of your Komodo profile to a remote Komodo Sync server hosted by ActiveSate. Your other machines can then download the profile data and upload any changes that are made to the profile, so it stays synchronized. Your data is password protected and encrypted before upload. Only you have access to the things you upload to the ActiveState Komodo Sync server.

Sync Items

You can configure the list of profile items that you'd like to have synced through the Setup process. These are the list of profile items available:

Sync Setup

Select Tools > Komodo Services > Set Up Sync... from the menu bar to open the Sync setup wizard.

When you click the Continue button, Komodo displays the "Sync Key" it has automatically generated for you. The Sync Key is used to encrypt all the data before it is uploaded to the Sync Server. Please store it in a safe place. You will need it to set up Sync on any additional computers. To keep your data secure, the Sync Key itself is only stored locally, not on the ActiveState servers, so there is no way to recover your Sync Key if it is lost.

It's a good idea to email your Komodo Sync key to yourself, as you'll need to be able to retrieve it later for your other Komodo installations.

Click Continue again to finish the Sync setup. You can also click Sync Options button to select which items to keep in Sync.

Synchronizing your Data

After setup, Komodo will automatically contact the Komodo Sync server every hour to synchronize your profile data. You can also start synchronization manually by clicking on the Sync icon in the bottom right corner of the Komodo window. Note that the first synchronization may take some time because all data has to be uploaded to the server. Later, only data that has changed will need to transferred.

Additional Machines

Setting up Sync on subsequent machines is similar to the steps above, but there are two important differences:

  1. The setup wizard will prompt you for the Sync Key that was generated when you set up Sync for the first time, rather than generating a new one.
  2. When you click the Sync Options button you can choose what Sync should do with the data from the machine you're setting up.

The safest choice is to merge the data. Sync will download all the data from the server, apply it on the machine you are setting up and then upload all new data to the Sync server. Alternatively, you can also choose to replace all data on the server with your local data and vice versa.