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Komodo 6.1 Documentation


Welcome to the Komodo User Guide

What's new in Komodo IDE

  • Better Support for Django:
    • better syntax highlighting and smarter indentation for templates
    • syntax checking for templates
    • automatic code completions for Django template tags and filters
    • hyperlinks to easily jump to template file locations
    • easier to open files with fast open supporting directory name matching
  • Projects: By popular demand, file and directory references have been reintroduced. These can be organized in Groups to keep things logical and tidy.
  • Database Explorer: Lets you easily explore local and remote database installations, including viewing and managing data. SQLite is supported in this release, with more databases coming soon. Support for each database is implemented as a Komodo extension, so integration with other databases can be easily added.
  • Places: A new file manager has been added to Komodo's left pane. It provides a customized view of your file system (local or remote) and easy file management operations such as file editing, drag/drop copying, creation of new files and folders, and search.
  • Publishing: Copy remote files to your local system to work on them, then push them back to the remote system when you're done. Komodo keeps track of the synchronization details to avoid copying files that haven't changed, as well as using advanced conflict detection to avoid overwriting changes made by others.
  • New Toolbox: The Komodo toolbox and project system are being rewritten. Individual toolbox items (commands, macros, snippets, etc.) are saved in separate JSON files rather than as nodes in a toolbox.kpf file. There is a new "Invoke Tool" command which allows you to easily search and then execute specific tools. In future versions project-specific tools will appear in the Toolbox sidebar instead of the Projects sidebar, which will eventually be removed.
  • Faster: A number of Komodo components have been made to run faster, such as startup, shutdown, tab-switching and finding text. The underlying Mozilla source code has been updated to version 1.9.1, the same code base as Firefox 3.5, which means improved performance gains for Komodo.
  • Workspace Save and Restore: Komodo will now be regularly saving your workspace. In the case of an unexpected shutdown, you can choose to restore your last used workspace the next time it starts up.
  • Hyperlink Additions: Hyperlinks have been extended and can now...
    • show image preview while hovering on an image link,
    • show Code Intelligence definitions while hovering on a symbol,
    • jump to an HTML anchor tag to it's definition,
    • jump to HREF and SRC locations,
    • open files from a path reference,
    • jump to PHP file includes
  • Rx Toolkit Improvements: Choose between Python, Perl, PHP, Ruby, and JavaScript syntax for testing your Regular Expressions. They are now evaluated "out of process", so a long-running regular expression won't tie up the IDE.
  • HTML 5 and CSS3 Support: Autocomplete for HTML 5 and CSS3.
  • More Languages: Syntax highlighting for Markdown, MySQL, and others.

(Read the full Release Notes.)

Support and Community

The ActiveState Community site has resources to help you use Komodo effectively:

Sample Project

Get started fast with Komodo's Sample Project.

Feature Showcase

Quick Demos showing advanced search functionality, editing, debugging, and more.


Helpful introductions to Ruby on Rails, Ruby, PHP, Perl, Python, XSLT and Run Commands.