Publishing Komodo IDE only

Publishing synchronizes groups of files between local and remote systems over FTP, SFTP, FTPS or SCP. You can upload a group of files from your local system or download a group from the remote system and keep the synchronized. Local changes are pushed to the remote server, and remote changes are pulled to the local system.

Komodo keeps track of the synchronization details to avoid copying files that haven't changed and uses advanced conflict detection to avoid overwriting changes made by others.

You can use Publishing for deploying websites to the hosting web server, or use it with remote storage as a simple backup utility.

Creating a Configuration

To launch the Publishing configuration wizard, click Tools|Publishing|New Configuration. You will be prompted to set up:

Clicking "Save" opens the Synchronization dialog box and shows the details of the pending synchronization.


The Synchronization dialog box shows:

Synchronization dialog box

The following actions are available:

When synchronizing, Komodo will examine the local and remote locations for any file differences and present the changes for your inspection. Check the files you wish to be transferred (or use Check All). Clicking Synchronize will copy the files between the local and remote file systems. The synchronization be aborted at any time by pressing the Stop button.


If a file has been modified locally and remotely, the conflict will be highlighted in the file list. Right click on any file in the file list to bring up a context menu with the following options: