Recent Projects

Komodo Projects are collections of settings and preferences that help you work with a particular set of files. These settings include:

The settings are active when the project is open.

Projects Pane

The Projects pane at the bottom of the Places pane is the main interface to projects. It lists the most recently used projects, showing the active project in bold.

Double-clicking on a project in this list will make that project active and switch the Places pane above to the base directory of the project.

Projects Menu

The Projects menu is available in the toolbar for the Projects pane and as a right-click context menu. The toolbar menu operates on the active (boldface) project and the context menu operates on the selected project.

Project Properties and Settings

Komodo has preferences at the file, project and global level. File preferences take precedence over project preferencs which take precedence over global preferences. When a project is active, it's settings override global preferences wherever there is overlap.

Project settings include the following sub-set of the global preferences: