Places and Projects

Komodo has a file manager called Places, which can be opened in the left sidebar. It provides a customized view of your file system (local or remote) and file management operations such as:

In Komodo IDE, this sidebar also shows the SCC status of the files, if they are under source code control.

Projects & Places

Below the Places pane is the collapsible Projects pane. Switching projects in this pane will change the base directory of the Places view.


Places View

Places can be configured to show or hide certain files. The drop-down menu in the Places toolbar provides options to switch between:

The Manage Views option in the Places menu opens a dialog that lets you choose which files should be shown or hidden, and to save these preferences in a named View.

To specify which file types to include or exclude, use glob syntax patterns separated by semi-colons (e.g. "*.html;*.xml").