Database Explorer Komodo IDE only

Databases sidebar

The Database Explorer is a tool for examining the structure and content of databases. By default, it can connect to SQLite and Oracle databases, but support for additional database types such as MySQL is available through extensions.

The Database sidebar displays a filterable list of database connections. Each connection offers a tree view of databases available via that connection, the tables in each database, and the fields/columns in each table.

Adding a Database Connection

Click on the Databases tab to open the Databases sidebar in the left pane. Use the Add a Database Connection button to configure a connection. Select a Database Type and configure the required connection information or the path to the file.

Click Add to create the connection and open the database view in the sidebar.

Each database appears as an top-level node in the sidebar. Clicking on the arrow next to the database expands a tree showing all tables. Table names also expand to show the contained field names.

Examining Tables

Double-click on a table name in the sidebar to open the Database Explorer dialog. The dialog box displays: