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Komodo 5.2 Documentation


Welcome to the Komodo User Guide

  • What's new in Komodo IDE

    • Performance and Stability Improvements: The underlying Mozilla source code has been updated in Komodo, which has led to better security and stability of the Komodo platform as a whole. Numerous performance improvements have been made to Komodo to make it speedier in the tasks it performs, especially with large files:
      • Komodo will now automatically style very large HTML documents as text in order to support faster edits and re-displaying of the document.
      • The Find search speed has been increased, making it faster to search your documents.
      • The Rx Toolkit is now much faster when parsing results
      • The Rx Toolkit's matching is now performed out-of-process and it is now possible to stop a running rx match
    • Tcl Dev Kit Integration: A new toolbar for launching Tcl Dev Kit tools - TclApp, TclCompiler, TclXref, TclVFSE, TclInspector, and the Tcl Package Editor.
    • Primary language preferences: It is now possible to configure which languages you'd like to see as primary languages in Komodo. The primary languages are the first group of languages seen in the language drop-down menus, whilst secondary languages are grouped under the Other sub-menu.
    • Sub-language background colors: It is now possible to give sub-languages a different background color. For example, when editing a HTML file you can set the JavaScript background color to be green and all the JavaScript code will appear as green section block within the editor.
    • View HTML Source: If you drag and drop a URL onto Komodo (http://, https://), Komodo now offers to view the source contents of this web page. This is convenient for checking the underlying HTML source code of web pages.
    • Ruby: Debugging support for Ruby 1.9.1 and up.
    • PHP: New PHP 5.3 support:
      • Code browser and section list support for namespaces
      • Code completions for \Namespaces
      • Syntax coloring of latest keywords ("namespace", "use", "as", etc...)
      • Updated xdebug builds to support PHP 5.3
      • Improved debugger wizard for the first time setup
      • Support for a wider range of PHP builds on Windows
      • Autocomplete and calltips for PHP 5.3 stdlib
    • Numerous bug fixes and other minor improvements.

    (Read the full Release Notes.)