The History feature lets you navigate backwards and forwards through your editing sessions. Similar to the history feature provided by a web browser, Komodo provides Back and Forward buttons, and a drop down list of recent editing positions.


The editing history is saved as a list of locations. Each location is made up of a filename and a cursor position. There is one history session per Komodo window.

Positions are saved to the history when:

  • Opening a new file
  • Changing to another open file and making an edit
  • Jumping to a line from the Find Results tab
  • Using Go To Definition
  • Any other command or interaction in Komodo that jumps to a new editing position

History Navigation

You can navigate the history using the Back and Forward buttons, or by selecting the desired position from the drop-down list.

Back and Forward are also available in the Code menu, and will display the keybindings assigned to these actions (“Editor: Go Forward” and “Editor: Go Back” in the Key Binding preferences). The default keybindings are the same as those used in most browsers: ‘Alt’+‘Left/Right arrows’ on Windows and Linux, ‘Cmd’ + ‘[’ or ‘]’ on macOS.