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Filename: xotcl/apps/comm/webserver.xotcl

Description: This small demo program starts two different webservers:
  • Firstly, it provides a sample web server that povides the documents in ../../src/doc (or the files specified with -root) at port 8086 (or at the port specified via the -port option) as unprotected resources.
  • Secondly, it starts a second webserver with basic access control (it accepts test/test as user/password) on port 9096 (or on the port specified via -protected-port). If it receives an request for an resource named "exit", it terminates. For all other requests it returns actual information about the user and the issued request.
To see, how it works, contact it e.g. from netscape.

Class: SpecializedWorker

Class: Class
Procs/Instprocs: respond.
Description: Specialized worker that can be passed to any webserver


  • respond
    Description: This method handles all responses from the webserver to the client. We implent here "exit", and we return the information about the actual request and user in HTML format for all other requests.

    This method is an example, how to access on the server side request specific infomation.

Object: h1

Class: Httpd
Description: unprotected web server

Object: h2

Class: Httpd
Description: Web server with basic authentication using the specialied worker

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