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xotcl/library/lib/trace.xotcl xotcl/library/lib/trace.xotcl

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Defined Objects/Classes:
Filename: xotcl/library/lib/trace.xotcl

Description: Various tracing tools for the XOTcl language.

Class: Object

Procs/Instprocs: lintFilter, showCall, showClass, showMsg, showStack, showTimeEnd, showTimeStart, showVars, statFilter, traceFilter.


  • traceFilter args
    Arguments: args: arbitrary args
    Description: Filter to trace every method call on an object or class hierarchy. Outputs a message befora and after each call of the traced object.
    Return: empty string
  • lintFilter
    Description: Experimental lint filter
  • statFilter
    Description: Experimental statistics filter
  • showVars args
    Arguments: args: ist of variables
    Description: Show the values of the specified variables (or of all variables) of an object on stderr.
  • showMsg msg
    Arguments: msg: optional output
    Description: Show a message msg with the form "[self] $cls->$method $msg" on stderr.
  • showClass
    Description: Show classes and mixins of the object
  • showStack maxDepth
    Arguments: maxDepth: max stack depth, default=100
    Description: Show callstack up to the specified calldepth.
  • showCall
    Description: Show the current call with the form "[self] $cls->$method $args" on stderr.
  • showTimeStart ?handle?
    Arguments: ?handle?: Handle object name, optional
    Description: start a timer
  • showTimeEnd ?handle?
    Arguments: ?handle?: Handle object name, optional
    Description: end a timer and show result

Object: Trace

Class: Object
Procs closeTraceFile, openTraceFile, puts.
Description: Write trace outputs and produce statistics. Variable traceStream defines where to write trace output (default: stderr).


  • puts line
    Arguments: line: output line
    Description: Define how traceFilter writes to the output stream. Default: write to trace stream.
  • openTraceFile name
    Arguments: name: file name
    Description: Redirect trace output to file.
  • closeTraceFile name
    Arguments: name: file name
    Description: Close trace file and redirect output to stderr.

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