teapot - TEA Package Management
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teapot(n) 1.0 tpm "TEA Package Management"


teapot - TEApot Repository Server


This document assumes that the reader has read at least the TEApot Introduction, and the TEApot Glossary of Terms.

This tool makes a local repository (opaque or transparent) available over the network to one or more TEApot Repository Clients. Such clients will see the exported repository as remote opaque.


teapot serve ?--cache? path ?port?

Exports the repository at the directory path using a TCP/IP listening socket listening on the specified TCP/IP port.

If the option --cache is specified the server will create a directory "htmlcache" under path and use it to cache the results of requested urls.

If the user did not specify a port the default port (46336) is used.

teapot version

Prints the version number of the tool to the standard output.

teapot who

Prints the complete teapot meta data of the tool to the standard output.


The protocol used between teapot servers and teapot clients is currently not publically documented.


This document, and the application it describes, will undoubtedly contain bugs and other problems. Please report such at the ActiveState ActiveTcl Bug Tracker. The relevant component is teapot. Please also report any ideas for enhancements you may have for either application and/or documentation.

The version number of the teapot application with the problem in question can be queried with the command version