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ttk::frame - Simple container widget


ttk::frame pathName ?options?


A frame widget is a container, used to group other widgets together.

Standard Options

-cursor -takefocus-style

See the options manual entry for details on the standard options.


Command-Line Name:-borderwidth
Database Name: borderWidth
Database Class: BorderWidth

The desired width of the widget border. Defaults to 0.

Command-Line Name:-relief
Database Name: relief
Database Class: Relief

One of the standard Tk border styles: flat, groove, raised, ridge, solid, or sunken. Defaults to flat.

Command-Line Name:-padding
Database Name: padding
Database Class: Padding

Additional padding to include inside the border.

Command-Line Name:-width
Database Name: width
Database Class: Width

If specified, the widget’s requested width in pixels.

Command-Line Name:-height
Database Name: height
Database Class: Height

If specified, the widget’s requested height in pixels.

Widget Command

Supports the standard widget commands configure, cget, instate, and state; see widget(n).


Note that if the pack, grid, or other geometry managers are used to manage the children of the frame, by the GM’s requested size will nor-mally take precedence over the frame widget’s -width and -height options. [pack propagate] and [grid propagate] can be used to change this.

See Also

widget(n) , labelframe(n)


widget, frame, container

tile 0.7 frame(n)

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