Tile Manual


Tile Library

Geometry utilities.
Create and use themes.

Tile Commands

Introduction to the Tile theme engine.
Standard options and commands supported by widgets.

button Widget that issues a command when pressed.
checkbutton On/off widget.
combobox Text filed with popdown selection list.
dialog Create a dialog box.
entry Editable text field widget.
image Define an element based on an image.
label Display a text string and/or image.
menubutton Widget that pops down a menu when pressed.
notebook Multi-paned container widget.
paned Multi-pane container window.
progressbar Provide progress feedback.
radiobutton Mutually exclusive option widget.
scrollbar Control the viewport of a scrollable widget.
separator Separator bar.
style Control overall look and feel of widgets.
treeview Hierarchical multicolumn data display widget.

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