Class: XMLRPC::ModRubyServer (Ruby 2.3.4)


Implements a XML-RPC server, which works with Apache mod_ruby.

Use it in the same way as XMLRPC::CGIServer!

Public Class Methods


Creates a new XMLRPC::ModRubyServer instance.

All parameters given are by-passed to

               # File xmlrpc/server.rb, line 467
def initialize(*a)
  @ap = Apache::request

Public Instance Methods


Call this after you have added all you handlers to the server.

This method processes a XML-RPC method call and sends the answer back to the client.

               # File xmlrpc/server.rb, line 476
def serve
  catch(:exit_serve) {
    header = {}
    @ap.headers_in.each {|key, value| header[key.capitalize] = value}

    length = header['Content-length'].to_i

    http_error(405, "Method Not Allowed") unless @ap.request_method  == "POST"
    http_error(400, "Bad Request")        unless parse_content_type(header['Content-type']).first == "text/xml"
    http_error(411, "Length Required")    unless length > 0

    # TODO: do we need a call to binmode?
    data =

    http_error(400, "Bad Request")        if data.nil? or data.bytesize != length

    http_write(process(data), 200, "Content-type" => "text/xml; charset=utf-8")