Class: DRb::DRbIdConv (Ruby 2.3.4)


Class responsible for converting between an object and its id.

This, the default implementation, uses an object’s local ObjectSpace __id__ as its id. This means that an object’s identification over drb remains valid only while that object instance remains alive within the server runtime.

For alternative mechanisms, see DRb::TimerIdConv in rdb/timeridconv.rb and DRbNameIdConv in sample/name.rb in the full drb distribution.

Public Instance Methods


Convert an object into a reference id.

This implementation returns the object’s __id__ in the local object space.

               # File drb/drb.rb, line 380
def to_id(obj)
  obj.nil? ? nil : obj.__id__

Convert an object reference id to an object.

This implementation looks up the reference id in the local object space and returns the object it refers to.

               # File drb/drb.rb, line 372
def to_obj(ref)