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What's Included in ActivePython 3.4

This is ActivePython, based upon core Python 3.4.3. ActivePython is fully binary compatible with python.org Python builds to ensure that 3rd-party binary extensions just work. In addition to core Python, this build of ActivePython includes the following.

Core Extensions

  • Tcl/Tk version 8.6.1 and Tix version 8.4.3.
  • ElementTree (xml.etree) version 1.3.0.
  • OpenSSL version 1.0.1l. On some platforms the system version of OpenSSL is used. SSL-support is currently not included in the Solaris/x86 build (build failures).
  • SQLite (sqlite3) version
  • ctypes version 1.1.0. ctypes is currently not supported on the following platforms:
    aix-powerpcbuild failures
    linux-ia64build failures
    solaris-sparcbuild failures
    solaris-x86build failures
    hpux-parisclibffi not ported to PA-RISC arch
    hpux-ia64build failures
  • Zlib version 1.2.8.
  • BZip2 version 1.0.6.

Extra Extensions

  • The Python for Windows Extensions (PyWin32 version 218.3).


Additional Packages

  • PyPM: Python Package Manager to download and install binary packages. Also included: virtualenv, setuptools, pip, SQLAlchemy.
  • The ActivePython CHM. The ActivePython documentation is distributed as a compiled help module (CHM) on Windows. For users of some of the available CHM readers on platforms other than Windows, ActivePython's CHM is available as a separate download.