Title:Python 2.2 Release Schedule
Author:barry at python.org (Barry Warsaw), guido at python.org (Guido van Rossum)

This document describes the Python 2.2 development and release schedule. The schedule primarily concerns itself with PEP-sized items. Small bug fixes and changes will occur up until the first beta release.

The schedule below represents the actual release dates of Python 2.2. Note that any subsequent maintenance releases of Python 2.2 should be covered by separate PEPs.

Release Schedule

Tentative future release dates. Note that we've slipped this compared to the schedule posted around the release of 2.2a1.

  • 21-Dec-2001: 2.2 [Released] (final release)
  • 14-Dec-2001: 2.2c1 [Released]
  • 14-Nov-2001: 2.2b2 [Released]
  • 19-Oct-2001: 2.2b1 [Released]
  • 28-Sep-2001: 2.2a4 [Released]
  • 7-Sep-2001: 2.2a3 [Released]
  • 22-Aug-2001: 2.2a2 [Released]
  • 18-Jul-2001: 2.2a1 [Released]

Release Manager

Barry Warsaw was the Python 2.2 release manager.

Release Mechanics

We experimented with a new mechanism for releases: a week before every alpha, beta or other release, we forked off a branch which became the release. Changes to the branch are limited to the release manager and his designated 'bots. This experiment was deemed a success and should be observed for future releases. See PEP 101 for the actual release mechanics [1].

New features for Python 2.2

The following new features are introduced in Python 2.2. For a more detailed account, see Misc/NEWS [2] in the Python distribution, or Andrew Kuchling's "What's New in Python 2.2" document [3].