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ActivePerl Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About this document

This FAQ was assembled and is maintained by David Sparks of ActiveState.

Parts of this FAQ are based on and include sections from the Perl for Win32 FAQ.

This FAQ will be updated over time. Check the ActivePerl Documentation online for the latest version of this and other FAQs.

This FAQ is in the public domain. If you use it, however, please ensure that you give credit to the original authors.

Note that all code examples in this FAQ have been indented to be easy to read. If you cut-and-paste an example to a real Perl script, remember to outdent the code again so that the farthest-left column of code is in the first column. This can be crucial!

All of the trademarks in this document are the property of their respective owners.

Contents of this FAQ

    ActivePerl-faq1: Availability and Installation FAQ 
    ActivePerl-faq3: Documentation and Support FAQ


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