Perl 5 version 28.1 documentation

Core documentation for Perl 5 version 5.28.1 in HTML format.

To find out what's new in Perl 5.28.1, read the perldelta manpage.

If you are new to the Perl language, good places to start reading are the introduction and overview at perlintro, and the extensive FAQ section, which provides answers to over 300 common questions.

Site features

  • Improved navigation
    When you scroll down a page, the top navigation bar remains visible at the top of your screen, so the page name, breadcrumb trail, and other links are always available.
  • Pop-up index display
    Documentation pages now have a 'Show page index' link in the navigation bar. Clicking this opens a draggable, resizable window with an overview of the page you're reading.
  • Improved search
    It's now even easier to find the page you need. For example, just type 'getopt long' into the search box to be taken directly to the Getopt::Long documentation.
  • Recently viewed pages
    The right-hand side panel shows the last 10 documentation pages you viewed. As with the search engine, this feature still works if you're using an offline local copy of the site.
  • Improved syntax highlighting
    As well as a better highlighting algorithm, code blocks now have line numbers to make it easier to see line breaks.
  • Module index links
    View the module indexes with a single click from the left-hand side panel.