Welcome to ActivePerl

Welcome to ActivePerl

Thank you for using ActivePerl, ActiveState's quality-assured binary build of Perl. The latest Windows, Linux and macOS builds are available for free to the community. Older versions, and both current and older versions for some additional platforms, are available to ActiveState Platform Business Tier customers.

ActivePerl includes:

The Windows version of ActivePerl also includes:

  • PerlScript, an ActiveX scripting engine, like JavaScript or VBScript, with a Perl brain
  • Perl for ISAPI, an IIS plug-in that runs Perl CGI scripts faster
  • PerlEx , an IIS plug-in that precompiles and caches Perl CGI scripts
  • PerlEz, for embedding Perl the easy way

Refer to the Release Notes for information about this version of ActivePerl.

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ActiveState is the leading provider of technology solutions based on Perl and development tools for Perl programmers.

Contact ActiveState

For installation-related support issues, contact support@ActiveState.com.

For general information and support, refer to the ActivePerl Support forum and the ActivePerl Mailing List.