ActiveState::Bytes - Format byte quantities


ActiveState::Bytes - Format byte quantities


 use ActiveState::Bytes qw(bytes_format bytes_parse);
 print "The file is ", bytes_format(-s $file), " long.\n";
 print "1 megabyte is ", bytes_parse('1m'), " bytes.\n";


The ActiveState::Bytes module provides functions for dealing with human readable byte strings.

$str = bytes_format( $n )

This formats the number of bytes given as argument as a string using suffixes like "KB", "GB", "TB" to make it concise. The return value is a string like one of these:

   128 bytes
   1.5 KB
   130 MB

Precision might be lost and there is currently no way to influence how precise the result should be. The current implementation gives no more than 3 digits of precision.

$bytes = bytes_parse( $str )

Converts a bytes string ( "1m" ) into actually bytes. Lowercase units are in powers of 10, uppercase are in powers of 2. For example, 1K is 1024 bytes, 1k is 1000 bytes. Supports units are k, m, g, t, p, e, z, and y in ascending order.


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