ActivePerl::PPM::Arch - Get current architecture identification


ActivePerl::PPM::Arch - Get current architecture identification


The following functions are provided:


Returns the string that PPM use to identify the architecture of the current perl. This is what goes into the NAME attribute of the ARCHITECTURE element of the PPD files; see ActivePerl::PPM::PPD.

This is $Config{archname} with the perl major version number appended.

short_arch( $arch )

This is the shorteded architecture string; dropping the segments for features that will always be enabled for ActivePerl ("thread", "multi", "2level").

Used to form the URL for the PPM CPAN repositories provided by ActiveState.

full_arch( $short_arch )

Convert back from a short arch string to a full one. If the passed arch string is already full it's returned unchanged.

pretty_arch( $arch )

Returns a more human readable form of arch(). Will be a string on the form:

   "ActivePerl 5.10 for Windows 64"
versioned_arch( $arch, $version )

Returns $arch, potentially suffixed with a version if $version is at least 5.010. Version 5.010 would be suffixed as "-5.10". Returns undef if $arch is not defined.


ppm, ActivePerl::PPM::PPD, Config