ActivePerl::DocTools::Pod - Functions to process POD for ActivePerl


ActivePerl::DocTools::Pod - Functions to process POD for ActivePerl


The following functions are provided:

pod2html( %args )

Convert a POD document into an HTML document. This is a wrapper for the pod2html() function of Pod::Html that also modify the document produced with various ActivePerl enhancements.

The following arguments are recognized:

infile => $filename

The name of the POD file you want to convert. This argument is mandatory.

outfile => $filename

The name of the HTML file you want as output. This argument is mandatory.

depth => $int

How many directory levels down from the root of the HTML tree will the generated file eventually be installed. The root of the HTML tree is normally found at $Config{installhtmldir}, which is normally "$Config{prefix}/html".

The default is 0.

podroot => $dirname

Specify the base directory for finding library pods. The default is $Config{prefix}.

podpath => [$dir1, $dir2,...]

What subdirectories of the podroot should be searched for POD files in order to discover targets for links from the generated HTML file. The specified directories must all exist.

The links are generated with the assumption that the discovered POD files are converted into HTML files with and .html extension and placed into an hierarchy (the HTML tree rooted at $Config{installhtmldir}) using the same layout as the one found under podroot.

Instead of passing an array reference, the directories can alternatively be specified as a single string of directory names separated by :.

The default is [qw(bin lib)].

index => $bool

Should a table on contents be created at the start of the HTML document. By default no table of contents is generated.

pod2html_remove_cache_files( )

The pod2html() will create cache files with names starting with pod2htm in the current directory. These cache files allow pod2html to save link state between runs. Call this function to clean up these cache files.