reloc_perl - copy a perl installation to a new location


reloc_perl - copy a perl installation to a new location


  reloc_perl [-a] [-b] [-d] [-e path] [-f file] [-i] [-t] [-r] [-v]
             topath [frompath]


The reloc_perl program will copy a perl installation wholesale to a new location. During the copy it edits path names in the copied files to reflect the new location.

The topath is the file system location where the perl installation should be copied to. This location should normally not already exists. A directory will be created at topath and then populated with the bin, lib, html and man directories of the perl installation.

The perl installation copied is the one where reloc_perl itself resides, but this can be overridden by providing a frompath. Running reloc_perl without arguments will show what this path is, as well as a short usage message.


The following options are recognized by the reloc_perl program:


The reloc_perl program will refuse to copy if topath is longer than frompath. This option overrides this restriction. The topath must still be shorter than the path built into the perl binary.


Don't delete the backups created during the edits performed in topath.


Delete the perl installation that was copied. Use with care!

-e path

Edit files to contain this path instead of the topath. This allow relocation to a different location than where the files themselves are copied.

-f logfile

Creates logfile and writes the full path name of each file that was modified (one line per file).


Edit perl installation at topath in-place. Makes no attempt to move tree and the -d is ignored. This option is assumed if topath exists, is a directory, and frompath doesn't exist.


Only edit the text files. When this option is used, the restriction that topath must not be longer than frompath is relaxed.


Do not run ranlib any *.a files that were edited.


Print a trace of what's going on.




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