Installing ActivePerl for Solaris


  • Hardware: 200 MB hard disk space for typical install
  • Operating System: Solaris 10 or later for sparc 32, sparc 64, or x86
  • Online Help: Web browser

Solaris Installers

Gzipped Tarball for Solaris

The generic installer allows installation as an unprivileged user, and into a user-specified path. GNU tar is required for extracting the files. See Known Issues in the ActivePerl Release Notes for details.

Download the distribution to a temporary directory, extract the files, chdir to the ActivePerl directory and then run the script The installation script will prompt you for the target installation directory.

% tar zxf ActivePerl-
% cd ActivePerl-
% ./

If GNU tar is installed as ‘gtar’, substitute that executable name in the first command above.

Solaris Configuration

The Solaris package is installed into the /opt/ActivePerl-5.24 directory. Add the /opt/ActivePerl-5.24/bin directory to your PATH environment variable to conveniently access it. For example, in the C shell:

% setenv PATH /opt/ActivePerl-5.24/bin:$PATH

Depending on your system, you can also add this path to the .profile, .bashrc, or .cshrc file to have it auto-load this path whenever you open a new terminal window, log on, etc.

Uninstalling ActivePerl on Solaris

Gzipped Tarball Package

If you installed ActivePerl using the AS format installer, remove the directory into which ActivePerl was installed. For example:

/bin/rm -rf /opt/ActivePerl-5.24