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Package naming

import ""

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Package naming defines the naming API and related data structures for gRPC. The interface is EXPERIMENTAL and may be suject to change.

type Operation

Operation defines the corresponding operations for a name resolution change.

type Operation uint8
const (
    // Add indicates a new address is added.
    Add Operation = iota
    // Delete indicates an exisiting address is deleted.

type Resolver

Resolver creates a Watcher for a target to track its resolution changes.

type Resolver interface {
    // Resolve creates a Watcher for target.
    Resolve(target string) (Watcher, error)

type Update

Update defines a name resolution update. Notice that it is not valid having both empty string Addr and nil Metadata in an Update.

type Update struct {
    // Op indicates the operation of the update.
    Op Operation
    // Addr is the updated address. It is empty string if there is no address update.
    Addr string
    // Metadata is the updated metadata. It is nil if there is no metadata update.
    // Metadata is not required for a custom naming implementation.
    Metadata interface{}

type Watcher

Watcher watches for the updates on the specified target.

type Watcher interface {
    // Next blocks until an update or error happens. It may return one or more
    // updates. The first call should get the full set of the results. It should
    // return an error if and only if Watcher cannot recover.
    Next() ([]*Update, error)
    // Close closes the Watcher.