image - ActiveState ActiveGo 1.8

Package image

import ""

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Package image provides image services.

func DeleteServingURL

func DeleteServingURL(c context.Context, key appengine.BlobKey) error

DeleteServingURL deletes the serving URL for an image.

func ServingURL

func ServingURL(c context.Context, key appengine.BlobKey, opts *ServingURLOptions) (*url.URL, error)

ServingURL returns a URL that will serve an image from Blobstore.

type ServingURLOptions

type ServingURLOptions struct {
    Secure bool // whether the URL should use HTTPS

    // Size must be between zero and 1600.
    // If Size is non-zero, a resized version of the image is served,
    // and Size is the served image's longest dimension. The aspect ratio is preserved.
    // If Crop is true the image is cropped from the center instead of being resized.
    Size int
    Crop bool