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Package charmap

import ""

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Package charmap provides simple character encodings such as IBM Code Page 437 and Windows 1252.


These encodings vary only in the way clients should interpret them. Their coded character set is identical and a single implementation can be shared.

var (
    // ISO8859_6E is the ISO 8859-6E encoding.
    ISO8859_6E encoding.Encoding = &iso8859_6E

    // ISO8859_6I is the ISO 8859-6I encoding.
    ISO8859_6I encoding.Encoding = &iso8859_6I

    // ISO8859_8E is the ISO 8859-8E encoding.
    ISO8859_8E encoding.Encoding = &iso8859_8E

    // ISO8859_8I is the ISO 8859-8I encoding.
    ISO8859_8I encoding.Encoding = &iso8859_8I

All is a list of all defined encodings in this package.

var All []encoding.Encoding = listAll

type Charmap

Charmap is an 8-bit character set encoding.

type Charmap struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

CodePage037 is the IBM Code Page 037 encoding.

var CodePage037 *Charmap = &codePage037

CodePage1047 is the IBM Code Page 1047 encoding.

var CodePage1047 *Charmap = &codePage1047

CodePage1140 is the IBM Code Page 1140 encoding.

var CodePage1140 *Charmap = &codePage1140

CodePage437 is the IBM Code Page 437 encoding.

var CodePage437 *Charmap = &codePage437

CodePage850 is the IBM Code Page 850 encoding.

var CodePage850 *Charmap = &codePage850

CodePage852 is the IBM Code Page 852 encoding.

var CodePage852 *Charmap = &codePage852

CodePage855 is the IBM Code Page 855 encoding.

var CodePage855 *Charmap = &codePage855

CodePage858 is the Windows Code Page 858 encoding.

var CodePage858 *Charmap = &codePage858

CodePage860 is the IBM Code Page 860 encoding.

var CodePage860 *Charmap = &codePage860

CodePage862 is the IBM Code Page 862 encoding.

var CodePage862 *Charmap = &codePage862

CodePage863 is the IBM Code Page 863 encoding.

var CodePage863 *Charmap = &codePage863

CodePage865 is the IBM Code Page 865 encoding.

var CodePage865 *Charmap = &codePage865

CodePage866 is the IBM Code Page 866 encoding.

var CodePage866 *Charmap = &codePage866

ISO8859_1 is the ISO 8859-1 encoding.

var ISO8859_1 *Charmap = &iso8859_1

ISO8859_10 is the ISO 8859-10 encoding.

var ISO8859_10 *Charmap = &iso8859_10

ISO8859_13 is the ISO 8859-13 encoding.

var ISO8859_13 *Charmap = &iso8859_13

ISO8859_14 is the ISO 8859-14 encoding.

var ISO8859_14 *Charmap = &iso8859_14

ISO8859_15 is the ISO 8859-15 encoding.

var ISO8859_15 *Charmap = &iso8859_15

ISO8859_16 is the ISO 8859-16 encoding.

var ISO8859_16 *Charmap = &iso8859_16

ISO8859_2 is the ISO 8859-2 encoding.

var ISO8859_2 *Charmap = &iso8859_2

ISO8859_3 is the ISO 8859-3 encoding.

var ISO8859_3 *Charmap = &iso8859_3

ISO8859_4 is the ISO 8859-4 encoding.

var ISO8859_4 *Charmap = &iso8859_4

ISO8859_5 is the ISO 8859-5 encoding.

var ISO8859_5 *Charmap = &iso8859_5

ISO8859_6 is the ISO 8859-6 encoding.

var ISO8859_6 *Charmap = &iso8859_6

ISO8859_7 is the ISO 8859-7 encoding.

var ISO8859_7 *Charmap = &iso8859_7

ISO8859_8 is the ISO 8859-8 encoding.

var ISO8859_8 *Charmap = &iso8859_8

ISO8859_9 is the ISO 8859-9 encoding.

var ISO8859_9 *Charmap = &iso8859_9

KOI8R is the KOI8-R encoding.

var KOI8R *Charmap = &koi8R

KOI8U is the KOI8-U encoding.

var KOI8U *Charmap = &koi8U

Macintosh is the Macintosh encoding.

var Macintosh *Charmap = &macintosh

MacintoshCyrillic is the Macintosh Cyrillic encoding.

var MacintoshCyrillic *Charmap = &macintoshCyrillic

Windows1250 is the Windows 1250 encoding.

var Windows1250 *Charmap = &windows1250

Windows1251 is the Windows 1251 encoding.

var Windows1251 *Charmap = &windows1251

Windows1252 is the Windows 1252 encoding.

var Windows1252 *Charmap = &windows1252

Windows1253 is the Windows 1253 encoding.

var Windows1253 *Charmap = &windows1253

Windows1254 is the Windows 1254 encoding.

var Windows1254 *Charmap = &windows1254

Windows1255 is the Windows 1255 encoding.

var Windows1255 *Charmap = &windows1255

Windows1256 is the Windows 1256 encoding.

var Windows1256 *Charmap = &windows1256

Windows1257 is the Windows 1257 encoding.

var Windows1257 *Charmap = &windows1257

Windows1258 is the Windows 1258 encoding.

var Windows1258 *Charmap = &windows1258

Windows874 is the Windows 874 encoding.

var Windows874 *Charmap = &windows874

XUserDefined is the X-User-Defined encoding.

It is defined at

var XUserDefined *Charmap = &xUserDefined

func (*Charmap) DecodeByte

func (m *Charmap) DecodeByte(b byte) rune

DecodeByte returns the Charmap's rune decoding of the byte b.

func (*Charmap) EncodeRune

func (m *Charmap) EncodeRune(r rune) (b byte, ok bool)

EncodeRune returns the Charmap's byte encoding of the rune r. ok is whether r is in the Charmap's repertoire. If not, b is set to the Charmap's replacement byte. This is often the ASCII substitute character '\x1a'.

func (*Charmap) ID

func (m *Charmap) ID() (mib identifier.MIB, other string)

ID implements an internal interface.

func (*Charmap) NewDecoder

func (m *Charmap) NewDecoder() *encoding.Decoder

NewDecoder implements the encoding.Encoding interface.

func (*Charmap) NewEncoder

func (m *Charmap) NewEncoder() *encoding.Encoder

NewEncoder implements the encoding.Encoding interface.

func (*Charmap) String

func (m *Charmap) String() string

String returns the Charmap's name.