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Package strutil

import ""

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Package strutil contains string and byte processing functions.

func AppendSplitN

func AppendSplitN(dst []string, s, sep string, n int) []string

AppendSplitN is like strings.SplitN but appends to and returns dst. Unlike strings.SplitN, an empty separator is not supported. The count n determines the number of substrings to return:

n > 0: at most n substrings; the last substring will be the unsplit remainder.
n == 0: the result is nil (zero substrings)
n < 0: all substrings

func ContainsFold

func ContainsFold(s, substr string) bool

ContainsFold is like strings.Contains but uses Unicode case-folding.

func HasPrefixFold

func HasPrefixFold(s, prefix string) bool

HasPrefixFold is like strings.HasPrefix but uses Unicode case-folding.

func HasSuffixFold

func HasSuffixFold(s, suffix string) bool

HasSuffixFold is like strings.HasPrefix but uses Unicode case-folding.

func IsPlausibleJSON

func IsPlausibleJSON(s string) bool

IsPlausibleJSON reports whether s likely contains a JSON object, without actually parsing it. It's meant to be a light heuristic.

func ParseUintBytes

func ParseUintBytes(s []byte, base int, bitSize int) (n uint64, err error)

ParseUintBytes is like strconv.ParseUint, but using a []byte.

func RegisterCommonString

func RegisterCommonString(s ...string)

RegisterCommonString adds common strings to the interned string table. This should be called during init from the main goroutine, not later at runtime.

func StringFromBytes

func StringFromBytes(v []byte) string

StringFromBytes returns string(v), minimizing copies for common values of v as previously registered with RegisterCommonString.